Sunday, April 22, 2012

homemade antifungal antibacterial application and more

I have always believed in old fashioned remedies (most anyway)becuae i know most truely work and with NO bad side effects.Not too mention a lot cheaper that hyped up pharmacutical prices! here are a few you can try if you find yourself with an infection. homemade antifungal antibacterial application 1 TBSP of macerated-mashed/crushed whole fresh garlic, combine with 1 Tablespoon for finely mashed onion. Combine along with 1/2 apple cider vinegar, mix together with pinch of neosporin cream to combine. Apply over boil or skin infection-Cover overnight with absorbent pad. Repeat every other night. By Third application- Infection will be drawn out and skin will lift- producing new skin underneath. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drink Onion juice or garlic juice for fighting infections ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As we know Hydrogen Peroxide is great in many ways.Here are a few other uses you ay or may not have tried. infected in grown hairs,insect bites ,scrapes and more.soak a cotton ball in H2O2 and use a band aid to secure it in that spot overnight.By morning spot shoule be shrunk and looking uch better. Use hydrogen peroxide also as a mouth wash! works great and you get a healthy smile and gums ;) ~~~~~~~~~~ OIL OF OREGONO this is also great for infections . 3 drops 4 times a day under your tongue. Within 2 weeks infection should be gone. ~~~~~~~~~ MASTITIS (nursing moms) This is a great native american cure,,take a clean potato and cut a nice slice from the middle and put it on the breast infection. the slice should be about a quarter to a half inch thick.put the slice directly on the infected breast and hold in place with nursing morning ALL the infection should be gone! ~~~~~~~~~~ CATS CLAW will stop a tooth infetion within 2 days ~~~~~~~~~~` evaporated milk over bread you can use in an infected area n it draws out the infection. it even removes glass from your foot." ~~~~~~~~~~~

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