Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Billys update

First off thank you faith imagined to take time to comment to billy,he just went over to say thank you himself,he enjoyed reading your note to him and your prayers..He is out and thank God much better.He had viral phnumonia and stayed a day and night in hospital now home with his meds and here with me and kolby in the living room.We had a wonderful thanksgiving but we did miss Julie and Charlie mae whom is till in Arizona visiting with family there and my great nephew RJ whom was with his mom at their house this year.
Everyone else got to spend some good time together and a feast at dinner.It was a blessing to us all.Robert took the kids out to the pond and played a bit then mom went out there and they fished a bit.The wind and cool air held off until after 3~yes!!!!It was nice and warm with the sun shining brightly.I will share a few pics and thanks for stoppin in..Have a safe and blesses christmas season ahead.May you all find a place in your heart and life for our savior Jesus..our friend Jesus..May God bless us all...

Betty R~Starting Again
brother robert took the kids to pond..from lrft o right,robert helping grandson kolby, friend brendon,granddaughter summer and grandson billy

left to right
Jason(step son),son darrell,on steps nephew justin with his girlfriend(forgot her name oops..),daughter rita,friend stacey and his son below ,kyle age 15..

my mom with brendon and billy across the pond..she hadto fish a little with

and my dear daughter in arizona just sent me a pic of granddaughetr charlie mae she took so i get to add her also!thanks julie!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hi friends..
just a quick post i am off to stay with 2 of my grandkids while their mom rita is with my 7 year old grandson Billy.He has been running low grade fever several days now and just diagnosed with pnumonia bad in his right lung.Billy is a little praying warrior for other people now i am asking all of you to please pray for little billy....If you would please leave a comment for him and let him know u are thinking and praying for him, i will let him know,,,,,please do this for my little man....

hugs to you friends and god bless....happy thanksgiving..

betty r

Monday, November 23, 2009

Water is back....giveaways to check out!

good morning friends!
I am so happy to say that hubby finished my water lines last night and i now have how water back in the kitchen!We re ran all lines from hot water tank the only incomplete part is to the sink in the bathroom.He has to work 12 hrs. a day through thanksgiving so that means the water will be in there come Friday.I want to put new faucets in the kitchen ,mine are sooooooooo old,but we will see.With the lines running the floor corners AND our floor being cement...well lets just say it was a slow go.We will pour new cement back next weekend.I still have a mess but at least the water to the bathtub and kitchen have returned,and oh yes..the toilet!
But we have done it all ourselves so all it cost was the pipe and pieces we needed and time.So DIY people!lol
Are you getting ready to cook for thanksgiving or do you eat out?I know a lot of people are doing that now.We will all be cooking and meeting up at mom's good lord Will's as my grandma use to say.I am looking forward to that.I do hate that Jeff has to work that day but thank God he has a job.Stacey and Darrell are still job hunting .I pray they find one soon.
Ok i am off to blog hop a while i will add links below for you to visit as well it will be updated through out the day ..check back this evening and good luck on some giveaway entries!

have a blessed day!
Betty r~starting again


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

sunday school class having Thanksgiving fun and giveaways!

This is our preschool class through age 7!We had a great time today before we enjoyed our Thanksgiving lunch after services.Our class today was Billy 7,Austin 7,Kolby 4,Adam 4 and Summer age 17 months.Rita was there today also.We had fun making their hand turkeys!

giveaways for you to enter listed below!!!!!updating now!


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday ramblings and giveaways~holiday help

Good afternoon friends!Hope your week is going well.It is a beautiful day here in south alabama but a bit nippy.I just turned on the small heater for a few minutes to take the nip out of the air.Not quite cold enough yet to use the fireplace.I spent a few days over at my oldest son darrell's house.His wife and baby are visiting relatives in Arizona for a few more weeks.We cleaned some and watched tv.It was nice,i visited my brother robert as well while there ,he lives next door.
Today i am for a few hours any way.So i will share the giveaways i find while online and invite you to enter them as well.There are some super blogs out there to visit with and enter giveaways while there,

have a good one!

betty r~simply southern

I Thode You So. Sports Guys Action Figures Review and Giveaway! Ends 12/3

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My granddaughters

My granddaughters summer and charlie mae are only 1 month difference in age,18 and 19 months now!They are such a blessing!

betty r

Wordless Wednesday

Granddaughter Charlize mae wants to make her doggy smell good with her baby Is she not just adorable?

have a good one!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shoutout!!! Cathy @ Psychic mama!! Thank you

I entered a giveaway over at Psychic mama's a few weeks ago and have been stalking her since ,lol, with extra entries...She had a super Nascar giveaway,with many others, that i wanted to win so badly for my brother,,,GUESS WHAT????
i WON IT YESTERDAY!!My brother will be getting this for his birthday come November the 29Th! Jump Jump! I have also won from her before so i can't stress enough,EXTRA ENTRIES!!!!!
so if you have not been by Cathy's blog,head that way.Super cool chic and a great blog with loads of giveaways!SEE YOU THERE .OH!and don't forget the extra entries....

THANK YOU CATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

psychicmama'S GIVEAWAYS!

Alas no meteor shower~giveaway postings!

I was really looking forward to watching the meteor shower last night,but alas! no!The clouds started rolling in about midnight and with that taking any oppurtunity to see the meteors.In came the rain about 4 am this morning and slowly lasted till daylight.So i hope you were able to witness them and hope you saw one for

Hubby's watching some kind of crazy movie on tv so instead of watching i am blog hoppin and that means ,new giveaway post!If you are a little (or a lot)short on cash for the holidays,try entering some of these giveaways and don't forget to do the extra entries!

have a great day!!!

betty r~starting again



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i have to add a pic here of my chpice because these are just so beautiful!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back from church-giveaways and blog hoppin

happy lord's day readers!
hope your sunday is great!We had good worship in church and one of the girls,Judy, donated a nice box of crafts to add to our sunday school goodies,just in time for the holidays!Next week we have our Thanksgiving lunch at church and i am really looking forward to that.I love everyone's cooking and the visiting.
So anyone around south central alabama you are invited to new hope babtist church!!!!We are celebrating our 150th anniversary for the church this that not cool!!!!!

so i am setting on my lazy hiney now entering giveaways and blog hoppin!Come along and enter to win and meet some really nice folks!!!!!

Betty R~Starting Again!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


My oldest son came by and spent the evening with me.He is heading to ais playing in crestview Florida.They play there often and have a good time.The locals love to go there as well as some of their followers. show where they are performing tonight in one of his bands.Tonight 50 miles north
They have a show next Saturday in Birmingham Alabama,straight jacket 4 Nixon will be playing that show.Darrell my son is the singer as well as guitarist,and my hubby Jeff is lead guitarist,and adopted son Jason is the drummer and john a friend is the guitarist.They are an awesome band.If you have a moment go by and check em out.Let me know what you think.Some of the music is very heavy while they also have ballad like music,which i love!;) If any one would like a CD let me know..I'll get you one out!
straight jacket 4 Nixon!music and info
would mean a lot to me to tell me what you think..good or bad..i love reviews! ;)

anyway now i am relaxing at the computer again..i got 6 loads of laundry done ,yippee..Tried to get most done.I do not wash clothes on Sunday...nope nope nope..i got that from my grandma..She said if you wash on Sunday or new years you will be washing for the dead soon! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i stay away from that!!!!!
I will be going to spend a day and night with my son Tuesday and wed. of next week.Try help him pick up around the house and just hang with him.He is alone while Julie and Charlie are in Arizona and i know he misses them badly till they return... to do a few more giveaways...hope you join me..and also if you have a giveaway you'd like to share,please add to comments!!!!!

have a great night friends!

Betty R~starting again


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Saturday morning is quiet-time for giveaways!

Good morning friends!For the first time in a long time i am not waking up on a saturday with one or more of the grandkids!I am lost people do you hear me....
Strange indeed.Billy has a meeting planned with a pastor in town for a talk.He has an upcoming paper for school(only in 2nd grade!) and he must write it on what he wants to be when he grows up and bilyy wants to be a preacher for God!
Jumping!yea!glory to god!!! I have known as well as others Billy is a blessed little boy of God's and prays for people ,animals ,just whatever!He loves Jesus and after being around him and talking just a few minutes you'd see what i mean.He is a gentle heart with a thought pattern WAY beyong his 7 years!
Anyway he has that meeting coming up with the family friend pastor and will be be visiting another church this sunday and i think Kolby wants to go too.Summer is with the other grandma and my little Miss Charlize Mae is still with momJulie in Arizona visiting with their family there,they will return early December..I miss you girls!!!!I miss them but the times they have there are so very special for them as well as here.I am so glad they are able to have this time together and we all get to mshare in their lives.Darrell is still out of work ,besides his musical jobs parttime.Stacey,daughters fiancee ,has as well been laid off from shut down job.Getting tough but here in the south we are kinda accustomed to things not being simple but a way out always comes if we continue to pray.

So on a saturday morning all along what am i doing?You see Fox news ,blogging,twittering,and doing some giveaways! ;)
Readers if you have not been doing these ,there is still time to begin and maybe get some help with the holidays from them.The key is extra entries in most all of them and pray over them!Yes ask God to bless the works of your hands!We are typing in those entries are we not?If it saves us some money is that not a work?Ok then!

have a great day readers,thanks for coming by and good luck!

Betty R~Starting Again

first off let's head over to nurse mommy(you can click to enter this here!) right now she has the Seventh.Ink for stylish shirts! 5 Winners! This would be a super cool giveaway to win! My fav on the shirts is
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Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Giveaway on Mommy’s Quiet Time. Todays hot, new, fun toy for kids. Zhu Zhu Pets offer five hamsters to choose from and loads of accessories to buy for your child this holiday season.”

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'd like to introduce you to Cathy!

Today I'd like to introduce you to an online friend of mine ,i have never met in person,yet feel a kinship for.This is a wonderful,caring site that is represented well by the lady whom owns it!You will enjoy your visit i promise.Her blog moves with all kinds of feelings and post from heartfelt moments and shared secrets to reviews and giveaways for you and i to enter!Make sure while you are there to become a follower and subscribe for her emails as well to keep in touch!
here is the link to her homepage as well as some giveaways she has posted now!
So get along and say hi and have a great visit....Thanks Cathy for such a wonderful blog and thanks for being the kind person you are....


Betty r


Now remember all the giveaways below are at psychicmama's

i will just name the giveaway on links but all are there and just click on the giveaway you wish to enter..have fun and good luck!

A christmas to remember!


Sylvia Browne's Book, "Exploring The Levels Of Creation" Giveaway-1 Winner-ends November10

Smithsonian's Backyard-Children's 2-Book Set
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The Only Bake Sale Cookbook You'll Ever Need
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The letters giveaway!

"Sylvia Browne:Accepting The Psychic Torch"Book Giveaway-Brand New1 Winner-ends November 18

photo caption contest

The next one ends tomorrow!!!!! low entries ----HURRY!!!!!!!!!
18x24 Custom Holiday Poster Prints Giveaway-1 Winner-ends Nov. 15

choclate fudge giveaway!

outnumbered 3-1 sharing her giveaways!

outnumbered3-1-win a fairy gram-endsNovember 27th at 11:59 pm has the holiday gift guide going on now!You have chances to win the above fairy gram as well as many more !check these out for wonderful christmas gifts!
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outnumbered3-1 enter to win a jishaku game!November 15th at 11:59 pm.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

prayers for mom please

Prayers please!My mom has a heart valve problem and 77 years old.Her blood pressure went way high this morning so please add to prayers tonight! Thank you so very much.She has a Dr's app. at 9 in the morning will let u know what he says....

Betty r

Giveaways in Bloggvilee and spammers...go away

Good afternoon friends!hope your day is well.Went this morning and saw summer a little while while hubby ran to town.Found out my moms blood pressure is way up,please remember her in prayers if you would.Was just looking over blog comments and saw a spammer had gotten in so i have moderated comments now! Took 10 minutes to figure out to remove the spam comment.
Didn't get back yesterday to adding more giveaways so i shall do that now!Make sure you say thank you to the blogger and the sponsors for putting on these great giveaways!!!

Betty R~starting again

thebraggingmommyHasbro is generously giving away a NERF NFL VORTEX MEGA HOWLER to 1 Lucky Winner!

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momsmostwanted win a shred sled! ends tomorrow! thank you

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kolby Found BumbleBee!

My 4 year old grandson had a dentist appointment today ,which he did wonderful at,and on the way back he said he found bumblebee!I just had to share the oicture with my online friends!!!!Is my little man not a doll?????????????
If any of you are so gracious as to leave a comment i will share it with Kolby,he would love that!!!He will come say thank you,with nanna's help of course!Thanks friends...

Have a blessed night everyone!!!!!
betty r

wanna win some goodies for christmas

IYou can't win if you don't enter!!

Good Luck readers

shopaholicmommy(enter here)
Bei Bambini Boys $572 HUGE GIVEAWAY--Thanks to Bei Bambini her readers have a chance to win this entire boys 18-24 month spring/summer giveaway!!!!

Thank you Bambini

shopaholicmommy Win It!
Thanks to Bei Bambini my readers have a chance to win this entire girls 2t spring/summer giveaway!!!!ends 12/1

Happy Veteran's Day~Thanks to all Veterans

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the veterans ,active now and not,as well as the one's who, have gone on and to the one's whom never made it home.We in a huge part can thank you for our freedom's that we have enjoyed as well as our kids and grands.
My great grandfather and grandfather fought in WWI1,my uncle in ww2,2 uncles and cousins in the Korean and Vietnam war.I have a nephew in Iran now as well as several of my son's friends and a couple from my church family.
On this day we remember what freedom really means and who helps us to accomplish that.The men and women out there on the front lines,as well as the one's in the background....



Betty R~Alabama

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

true blue monday

The Greens have it!

Peaceful and tranquil Greens!Here are some of the things i see at home that are peaceful to me....


1. How do you find your own personal peace/nirvana?
prayer..When God,Jesus,Holy Spirit is near it is awesome

2. Where do you go to find respite and solace?

we live in a rural area and i enjoy going out into the woods and just relaxing ,pray,a little of peaceful expecially when there is a light breeze blowing thru the leaves with the birds singing
Is there a particular place, city, country, room in your house?


3. Who is the most peace-loving person you know? What makes them so?
I would say that would be my friend and neighbor Lisa...At 44,single mom to a 4 year old,nurse and diagnosed with cancer,she is a rock!Loves god,humble sweet..all the above....

4. What do you do when your inner peace is threatened?
pray and go for a walk!

Do you have a strategy, a routine, religious faith, a calm yourself down?
have to be prayer...

5. What is your favorite comfort food?
not a food...COFFEE!

6. Do you have a pet that brings you happiness and peace? If not, what type of animals bring you peaceful thoughts?

7. What is your favorite peace song?
amazing grace and IN THE GARDEN!


I have not joined into any of the meme's until here goes mine!Check out a great blog here and make sure and say hi to cathy! She is a doll....
1. What is your very 1st memory?

I believe it would be my dadday playing with me in the kitchen of our old house!

2. Did you ever get picked last for an elementary school game? How did you feel?
i don't think i did...

3. Who gave you your first "romantic" kiss? (I'm not talking about Aunt Mildred here!)
Edward harrell,he taught me how guys were suppose to treat their girls!I should have always remembered those lessons!

4. Who was your 1st love? How old were you? What was "your song"?
edward harrell,14,beth(he played it so pretty on piano also!)

5. What was your 1st serious injury as a child?
I really didn't have a child hood injury.It was during the birth of my son,i didn't use painkillers of any kind and pulled both my shoulders of of joint pulling against the bed rails during labor(he came out breach)

6. How much money did you get from the Tooth Fairy per tooth?

7. Did you ever "force" a tooth out just to get the money? How did you do it?
no but my dad would help it by putting a string on it and jerking it out.

8. Did you ever have a crush on an older brother or sister's friend? Tell us how you,i was oldest!

9. Did you ever have a crush on one of your friend's brother or sister? How'd you handle it?on my friend tina's brother,he never knew

10. What was the first movie you saw at a movie theater? What did you have to eat? Who did you go with?
faraway journey,dont remember what we got and i went with mom,sister and 2 brothers..i was 7

11. As a child, what prayer did you say before going to sleep?
really i just always talked to God..still do

12. Did you think these questions were too easy or too hard?
I liked them!A lot of the questions i see on these are stupid...i liked these questions,they really mean something and bring back good memories!

Hope i did this right!!!! ;)

betty r~starting again!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ida sets off the coast and giveaways!

Good morning friends and God bless ..
Here in the south it is the norm in the summer fall months for hurricanes coming in ,but novenber!I can see the beginning of the cloud lines already.They look like the have been tore up,so easy to spot in the sky.There is a light breeze blowing around but they will soon pick up to i think they are saying like 25-35 mile and hour winds here.I love it like that!!!When the storms are not damaging i love it.You can watch the clouds go counter clock wise ,the rain sheets, and the wind blowing through the pines.I love that sound.Or let's say i love the sound in 50 mph winds and less...when they get up higher it begins to sound like monsters growling VERY LOUDLY!The night Ivan came through a few years ago,that was the most horrifying sound i had ever heard.Between growling monsters,trains and semi trucks, i prayed all night.These things i love can be bad if you have never experianced a hurricane in the rural wooded areas..Lets just say..The sound is so loud you'll be up for the duration.My brother lives in town and said that night he stood out on the porch when he could and just listened to it,was not bad at all!I said come here next time if you want mom says wind through the pines is the most lonesome sound she has ever heard,makes her want to cry.Strange how one sound can be different to the hearer.There will be some flooding in some areas i know,so be careful all!Pasagoula miss. to indian pass florida has hurricane warnings that puts us in the middle with a persistant east wind.It is still 125 miles of coast with 2 inches falling an our..This one is not much worrying anyone ,i am grateful for this.We have been blessed here this year.

What are your holiday plans?We will have thanksgiving i am sure at mom's house.Christmas shopping has begun and some of us frugal folk i see are done with shopping!You go girls.....I am a little behind this year.I have some of the things for the kids but not through.I am going to do a shout out post next week and spotlight the bloggers i have blessed to win extra holiday gifts from this year!!!!They have been a blessing to me and i want to make sure i acknowledge them all!!So look for that...
have you been entering giveaways?If not you should!And for those of us who do you should think about a shout out post for the blogs as well..Spread the word about them.
I will be entering giveaways good lords will throughout the day and will be updating this blog when i get them done so keep checking or just check back later this eveing to see all of them.Want be a lot that can be done today outside with the rains so i will get some ME TIME ..I ask God ahead of time to bless the works of my hands on the computer..Yep!I pray over my giveaways i enter...God is soooooooo good..Hope he is your father as well.Jehovah is awesome..Jesus and holy spirit,Just blessed to know and love them!
Take care through out the day readers and down here in the south watch out for flooding and dead trees that may be falling in the wind gust!

Blessings to you all,
Betty R~Starting Again

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Again, these items are all in the baby/toddler Girl 18-24 month size range!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday ramblings and giveaways!

hi readers and thank you for prayers on the kids!Kolby is better this morning but still fevered and summer is not feeling well.please continue to think of them in prayers.
Church was very good this morning ,class was small because of illness's ,maybe all will be back next week.I was watching fox this morning.I get so tired of hearing our president talk about world unity!We are not suppose to all unite and be one.Please...God destroyed the tower of babylon and made all people look different and speak different languages.What are we hoping for ,to get destroyed again!And me myself do not want a world order police deal.I want to be able to raise my kids,worship,etc, the way i want too.Not where a group of people tell me what i have to do.We are not all criminals,what or who of us want;s to be treated that way?????I pray a lot of people stand up and stand firm against this crap!If they want to be like other nations,LET THEM MOVE THERE!!!!!!!This is the united states of america!!!!I am proud of that and i hope you are too.....

Ok....Going to enter a few giveaways to relax before i begin a little cleaning,I hope you go by and visit and get entered..Good luck and thank you bloggers and sponsors for putting these on!!!!

happy holidays all!!!!!!!!!!!

betty r

ladybugsoup UPRINTING thank you card giveaway!November 13th at 10pm

ladybugsoupThe Pickled Pumpkin - Review & Giveaway
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prissygreen-Teva Kids Giveaway ends 11/22

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prayers for grandson kolby please!

hi all...
just a quick request tonight ,will be back tomorrow with a post and some giveaways to enter.My grandson,age 4, Kolby is sick tonight.He is running fever and throwing up bad.Please say a prayer for him tonight,,,please and i thank you very much!

also keep his brother billy and sister summer in prayers that they will not get this also...thanks so very much friends....

betty r

Friday, November 6, 2009

giveaway fridays!

Come on guys join in the fun!Lots of good things up for grabs in bloggville.Make sure you thank the bloggers for the work put into these giveaways and also to the sponsors..Good luck and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!
this will be updated through out the day so check back!

betty r


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Thursday, November 5, 2009

problems,moon shots n blogger giveaways

Evening all!Hope your week is going well.No mishaps today that i know of so that in its self is a blessing! lol.Well one i guess.My sister is having a problem with her son and x daughter in law..Well they were not married but that's what she calls her.They have a 16 month old baby boy.The other day when J went to pick him up(daddy) he smelled weed...When ask about it ,Shelby acknowledged and said her brother had smoked a joint in the edge of woods behind house! read right.She was honest anyway i guess.Any how,my sister called me asking how she should go about getting temp. custody on the baby till they could both straighten up and prioritize their lives.I told her what she would need to do and what it would cost.She called back a little while ago and said Shelby might just let her keep him as long as she could see him when she wanted...soooooooooooooo AS THE WORLD TURNS.... I don't know how that will work out but i am sure they will do the best for the baby.This is my sister's only grandchild from her only son.He is only 18 now and Shelly is also.
Anyway.........There is so much of this going on now where grandparents are having to be the parents,I had to do this for 3 years but thank God ,my daughter has put her kids first and been clean now 2 years..THANK GOD!Sometimes when you loose everything you do come around and fix it.It becomes first.I pray this works out the same....
OK....Christmas is not far off,,,have you entered some of these great giveaways going on???If not WHY?????? some of these prizes would make super presents!Keep it in mind and get entered.Here are some i am entering tonight!OH!!!!Last night i got the telescope and was looking at the moon,here is a pic i took with the camera.i thought it turned out kinda neat!

have a blessed night!
bettyr~starting again

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justanotherhofelingA night @ the movies-"Movie Moment prize pack Giveaway-ends nov 6th!

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wanna win a plasma car?i am so trying for my granddaughter charlize mae! enter here makingmyamericandream ends nov 16th

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

squirrel huntin and giveaways! YEAH~

Evening all,
have not posted in a few days,sorry,but it has been a crazy weekend and beginning of week.I went to Rita's last Thursday to help with her yard sale ,so Thursday we got ready for it and then out of the blue,it pours!!!! everything had to be wrapped up over and over again...on and off rain.Now remember this also is trick or treat nights ...sooooooooooooo... yeah..i was glad when over although i really enjoyed it.The grands had a blast!Billy was Optimise prime ,thanks anytime costumes!,Kolby was red ninja,and summer was a sugarplum fairy!Charlize Mae is in Arizona with her mom visiting Julies family and she was snow white!They were just all so cute....
Anyway on to yesterday..The commode messed up.had to pull it up and put down a new thingy under it,now we have decided we may have to break the flask out of our cement floor and redo that!yea i know..
The tank on our well lost it's prime,and while re priming hubby leaned against the pipes and broke that,water is shooting everywhere... ;0
so what did Betty do?????
All i could do...Went Squirrel my 4-10 and hit the woods with my 7 shells,yep all i this moment my 3 squirrel are frying with biscuits in the oven and gravy is in the making.That's what I'm talking about.Yes i am a country girl and proud of it and yes i only kill what i eat.Unless i see a poison snake or spider.Then it's all for their self!I will so be enjoying my feast soon.First one of the season,Jeff is at band practise so..I can enjoy me meal quietly and then get on to some giveaways!Are they not fun and when you win..woopee!I pray over my entries..God is soooooooo good ..Yes he is!I do not know what i would do without him.He is my rock...I MEAN THAT! I do love my father in Heaven and he loves me and you.I do hope you know him too.
ok..let me go eat and i shall return!

Betty r~starting again


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