Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday ramblings and giveaways!

hi readers and thank you for prayers on the kids!Kolby is better this morning but still fevered and summer is not feeling well.please continue to think of them in prayers.
Church was very good this morning ,class was small because of illness's ,maybe all will be back next week.I was watching fox this morning.I get so tired of hearing our president talk about world unity!We are not suppose to all unite and be one.Please...God destroyed the tower of babylon and made all people look different and speak different languages.What are we hoping for ,to get destroyed again!And me myself do not want a world order police deal.I want to be able to raise my kids,worship,etc, the way i want too.Not where a group of people tell me what i have to do.We are not all criminals,what or who of us want;s to be treated that way?????I pray a lot of people stand up and stand firm against this crap!If they want to be like other nations,LET THEM MOVE THERE!!!!!!!This is the united states of america!!!!I am proud of that and i hope you are too.....

Ok....Going to enter a few giveaways to relax before i begin a little cleaning,I hope you go by and visit and get entered..Good luck and thank you bloggers and sponsors for putting these on!!!!

happy holidays all!!!!!!!!!!!

betty r

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