Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have not joined into any of the meme's until now..so here goes mine!Check out a great blog here and make sure and say hi to cathy! She is a doll....
1. What is your very 1st memory?

I believe it would be my dadday playing with me in the kitchen of our old house!

2. Did you ever get picked last for an elementary school game? How did you feel?
i don't think i did...

3. Who gave you your first "romantic" kiss? (I'm not talking about Aunt Mildred here!)
Edward harrell,he taught me how guys were suppose to treat their girls!I should have always remembered those lessons!

4. Who was your 1st love? How old were you? What was "your song"?
edward harrell,14,beth(he played it so pretty on piano also!)

5. What was your 1st serious injury as a child?
I really didn't have a child hood injury.It was during the birth of my son,i didn't use painkillers of any kind and pulled both my shoulders of of joint pulling against the bed rails during labor(he came out breach)

6. How much money did you get from the Tooth Fairy per tooth?

7. Did you ever "force" a tooth out just to get the money? How did you do it?
no but my dad would help it by putting a string on it and jerking it out.

8. Did you ever have a crush on an older brother or sister's friend? Tell us how you felt.no,i was oldest!

9. Did you ever have a crush on one of your friend's brother or sister? How'd you handle it?on my friend tina's brother,he never knew

10. What was the first movie you saw at a movie theater? What did you have to eat? Who did you go with?
faraway journey,dont remember what we got and i went with mom,sister and 2 brothers..i was 7

11. As a child, what prayer did you say before going to sleep?
really i just always talked to God..still do

12. Did you think these questions were too easy or too hard?
I liked them!A lot of the questions i see on these are stupid...i liked these questions,they really mean something and bring back good memories!

Hope i did this right!!!! ;)

betty r~starting again!

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