Monday, October 26, 2009

Cleaning House,Yard sales and Giveaways!

Welcome friend!Thanks for stopping by.I thought i would get some washing done but with the skies a dreary grey and blue i better wait!I like to hang out my clothes so rain and damp weather say no.Funny i have a dryer and it is not even hooked up.I may one day but not just yet.
Just me here today and i have been going through the stuff that is stacked in Darrell's old room.Their stuff and mine just setting in there not being used.I have went through most and have theirs boxed up in a corner and have went thru mine taking out most for our yard sale.I will not be bringing the stuff left at sale home ,we will donate it to the christian center for redistributing to someone that can use it.Tired of things i never use being here.Now that Zack has left and went to his moms,age 17,i would like to be able to use one or the other room for sewing,computer and arts and crafts room!So that is my intention.
So now i am taking a break and entering a few contest,want the low down!Enter and
Here are some links to giveaways i think you will enjoy..

Have a wonderful day and thanks to all my loyal readers and followers as well as my new visitors..

have a good one
Betty R ~Starting Again

One of my favorite blogs to visit is psychic mama.!She has a really cool blog and always has something wonderful and exciting going on.So make sure you go by and visit and enter all her wonderful giveaways!She works hard so hats off to Cathy!
here are a few of her giveaways going on now!

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A really comfy blog i have been visiting is
little miss heirlooms I think you'll like it too.Right now she is giving away Giddy Up Set for your little cowboy or cowgirl!So head on over it ends nov 1st.
Just how cute is this?

Love TO Shop Mom
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sundays in the south with Giveaways!

Happy Lord's day everyone!
Had a great worship service today and also a great sunday school class!Had 4 in my class today.Got to remember we are a small rural church so that is good,praise God!We will have pastor appreciation dinner next week with our kid's fall festival following!We are all excited about that.Will be a lot of fun.
What are yyour plans for Halloween?Do you go trick or treating,church activites,hells gate houses,judgement homes,,or nothing at all?People are in dissagreement about things do you and why you should not do some of them.As for me..I know how Halloween started,and yes it is a far cry from things that reflect worship to God(Jehovah),Jesus and Holy Spirit.But i don't think it is wrong to visit houses with kids and let them dress up.I am not worshipping Satan doing thaT.It is just another family activity.No different than letting the kids hunt eggs ,just my opinion.
Will be a long week and tiring this upcoming one!Me and rita are having a yard sale thursday and friday(means working mon.tues,wed to prepare for it,judgement house mid week,fall festival at school,trick or treating and then the activities at church this sunday!WOW....

I am adding you some contest to check out around fellow bloggers so head over and give some competition! lol..Makes good holiday goodies too! ;)Would like to say thank you to all bloggers and sponsors for throwing these for all of us!

have a Blessed Week,
Betty R~Starting again

mylifewithfourkids win a set of books for the little ones! ends nov 7 is sponsoring a lt of giveaways right now,there are several places to enter i know about,listing below for you!These are great and so useful!GOOD LUCK!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain Came and Went! Here's some giveaways.

Wel looks like our rain (that i so love) came and went in like 35 seconds! ;o
nooooooooooooooo i was so looking forward to it this morning.I spose i may as well hush,the lord knows where the rain is going to fall and he puts it there.Not like we need more rain,i just enjoy

Have you heard the news?The white House tried to censor Fox News from being able to be involved in an interview with the other news stations.I was glad to say the other major news stations said,No..If they are not allowed,none of us will come!Think about it.It may have been good temporarily for them,sponsors etc,But in the long run?That is going against our constitutional rights,theirs as well!Can not allow that to start happening!
Sad we have to stand up so feircely for our rights,Expecially from our president(that we as a people vote in) and the white house administration.Never let your guard down with this administration.We will get blind sided if we do not.
OK............ Got some giveaways ai want to add for you to go get hooked up with,help you out for the holidays.A lot of these giveaways will make nice christmas presents adding more throughout the day!
Have a good one!Are you ready for Halloween?Kid's excited?Mine are,,They have several fall festivals to attend and counting the

have a good one guys and Good Luck with giveaways..

Betty R.~Starting Again


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momsfocusonline-click here to win! she also has up for grabs your choice of a pair of Jolt jeans!These are very cool..trying to win my daughter a pair of these!

Make sure you enter the other giveaways while there also!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thursday! Help with the holidays

the wind is blowing tonight wonderfully tonight in front of the storms that will arrive in a few hours.I love the sound of the wind blowing through the pines.My mom says that is the most lonesome sound she has ever heard,she hates it.But then she lived here while we were small being a single parent all the way through.So i guess it would be different to her,but i so enjoy it.
Just got in from cemetery meeting up at the church.The meetings are usually an hour long,this one ran a little over.But usually very smooth and the company is good.We discuss the plots and cleaning and who is where...We try to keep our cemetery taken good care of in respect to everyone and their families that are gone on.
I am watching Amber's Frey's story on tv now.Very interesting to hear her story.There are so many sad things going on in our world.People killing people all over the place for no real reason..Just because...............sad..Glad i have hope in another where all this mess will not exist.Only good and pure things..Be nice not to even worry about locking a door..

Hope all of you are having a good week ..

God Bless you all!

Betty R~Starting Again

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can't win if you don't enter!

You know why your not winning any giveaways???your not entering.. lol..and praying! ;)
here are a few you may like!
Five monkeys has several right now!go go go!!!! to win
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ahensnest is giving away a PUR Flavor Options Pitcher-ends 11-3

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GrandKid's ,Puppies and Mockingbirds!


Setting here at the computer tonight i have my little heater cooking my toes! lol..Still a bit nippy,suppose to be warmer tonight and tomorrow.So i have big plans,Good lord will..
I want to take down the rest of our winter clothes out of the attic storage ,sort and re wash,then hang up.I also want to go ahead and get my Christmas decorations down to go through them and clean some out.I do not want the same thing to happen like last year.No rush of Christmas decorating.If i have everything sorted and ready,,easy breezy!While at the same time i can donate the stuff i really never use.I went through some of our clothes last week and have a big donate pile in my old office room,i am now seated in the living room!I can do that now that the boys are with their mom during the week going to school.Zack ,teenage stepson,age 17,moved in with his mother in July,Darrell and Julie are in town now,and Rita has the boys.Seems strange here now.I do enjoy the time i have free but i still have not got used to it!This is the first time My home has ever been empty of kids and grands.I just have to get it like i want it now.I have Kolby's pup here at my feet and Darrell's Schnauzer is on the top of couch.Yea they leave and the animals remain! lol..That's ok..they are company especially when Jeff work's night's.My family worries about me sometimes because i lve way back in the wood's and times i am alone.I say don't worry,i know how to shoot my shotgun and pistol!I pray i never have too ,but would in a heartbeat.....
I have a mockingbird that sits here in the little tree outside the window .He returns every year and has for 5 years now.I know when he arrives,he starts talking!Yes it is true,they will mimic other things.Cat squeal,dog bark,whistles,other birds..It is amusing to hear and watch him.i walked out under it the other night and he happened to be roosting where i walked right under him and he went
It is strange these things we become attached too.I have always been an animal person,guess i always will be.
I hope each of you have a great night.Watch fox in the morning and catch up on the news..I will...

God Bless,
Betty R
Grandson Kolby(4) and his puppy poodle!

Daughter Rita with Granddaughter Summer in her halloween suit!

Grandson's from left Kolby(4) ,billy (7) and friend Adam(4) with Adam's pumpkin!

Husband sick and whining,what's new??

It is cold in south Alabama people!How was your weekend?Great i hope.I had a good weekend with Kolby.Summer and Billy came on Sunday for a few hours.Rita went to Dr.yesterday and was put on lexapro and robaxim.Maybe they will make her feel better.Her nerves at times are shot.Darrell and Jeff are busy with the band this week,they have several big shows coming up next week!They are looking forward to that for the Halloween weekend.Last year they had hundreds for it.If we lived somewhere else i am sure they would already be a signed band.
But for the moment he has went and dragged home some kind of virus with him!And what do men do when they are sick???AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH,baabbbbyyyy im sick!!!!
This started last night so guess who is next ;( OH NO!!! if the kids are not bringing home aches and whines he is!And of course all men i know are just big babies!SO..i am praying, no sick..nope not come near me!(Thank you God)

We are still waiting for billy's costume from anytime costumes(2 weeks now!) but they have assured me it will be here sometime this week...I have had to re mail a giveaway that was won here ..any one else having mailing problems????And it is not even in the holidays yet ;(
Lot's of great giveaways on fellow blogger sites you really should look around and get in on them.These can be very helpful for the upcoming holiday season!Win some things for your little one's as well as the bigger one's and yourself!
I will add some links below through out the day,give you a few head's up!Hey and don't forget a lot of these blogs have several going on at once,so enter them all!Let me know if you win some..
Hope all have a great day,,,

Betty R~Starting Again!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter and MENopause~Giveaways ending soon

Suppose to be 43 next week!Ok now i Love fall but i dread WINTER THIS YEAR! I know we need the change in seasons for all things alive but with age comes winter means wrapping pipes,plastic on windows,sealing any holes up,moth balls out so no snakes come in side the attic(yep you heard right!),cutting wood(daily),and much more.Am i prepared NO! This is in thanks to my procrastinating husband once that means rush,rush ,rush..all the while partly keeping my grand babies.This is the same man a few years ago that wanted me to move back to Michigan with him!I THINK NOT....If you can not prepare right in Alabama..not no BUT H--- NO!i AM NOT QUITE THAT CRAZY. Menopause sucks people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little relief,he is gone this morning so i am getting lost blog hoping!Here are a few giveaways i found...ENJOY!

thepost-itplace(click to enter here!) and is giving away a Musical Hand Wash Timer (GIVEAWAY ends
October 24th, 2009

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One very lucky winner is going to receive 3 pairs of SmartKnitKids Socks!

networkingwitches Plus Size Clothing Giveaway Ends 10/30/2009, 11/30/2009, & 12/30/2009

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livingmycharmedlife win a plasma car!

theshoppingmamawants to give one of her lucky readers a blessing!!!!A safety 1st blessing...what will you get? A Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Car Seat!valued over 200.00!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Husbands gone mad,make me crazy! Blogger giveaways also

Ever had those day's where seemed like if you laid down you could sleep for days?That was me today.I so hope i am not coming down with something.I have had some problems with my breathing since Last November with my voice become hoarser over the past 10 months.My dr. says he can find nothing to show for these problems.So now i have a raw throat half the time and just feel crappy.I want to think this is a sinus problem or at least i hope!My hubby tries to drive me nuts half the time.I feel like i am still married to a 25 year old!Some people just do not know how to grow up and of course me and my luck with men have got one.
If i was not the type of person i am he would be soooooooooooo gone.Feels like at times i am raising another child.I have enough grand babies already!He needs to raise himself...
I was very happy to hear from Julie and Charlie Mae in Arizona!They are having a good time and charlie is going to be snow white this year!Julie is going to send me pics!They will be back in December.I do miss them but i am thrilled for her that she gets to spend a few months with her family....Love you girls!!!!!

Ghost hunters is on tv,i do like watching them even though i have my own view on that.But it is very interesting.No bad comments now...I have had some weird experiences,seen things and heard things..voices,heard 2 ''ghost'' in a conversation.(yes i truly have right before i rebuked them!).But i have my own view on it through the Bible...

I found a few neat contest in bloggville and wanted to share tonight!They are listed below...Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me.Please leave me a comment and let me know u visited.Do my best to repay the call...
Have a blessed night all..

God Bless,
Betty R~Starting Again!


MY FAMILY LOVES IT! Oh Wonder Bread…you make PB&J so yummy! YOU CAN WIN A WHOLE LOT OF IT! ends October 23rd, 2009

alternativeconsumer One lucky reader will receive a cool messenger bag, roomy and sturdy enough to serve as an overnight bag, commuter bag, bicycle bag, diaper bag, or whatever you need bag. ends 10/173 is giving away a soda stream and ends tonight!hurry on this one..t

livingmymoment has a spa time giveaway ending tonight too!HURRY!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winter is Coming, Christmas help!

Me and Kolby went and picked up a few pecans after Billy and Jeff left this evening.We rode ver n the golfcart.On the way home Kolby reminded me that winter is just around the corner by reciting those words i really do dread.."it's cold nanna''!
NOOOOOOOOO Hard to believe summer has come and gone and here in south alabama we don't really have an enjoyable fall..It last a few weeks and the just yuk cold!So many things i need done before frost and i just dread it this year.We have a fireplace for heat and not even any wood gathered yet.Which i must say is not my fault,I have nagged all summer about wood when i see it to go ahead and get some and as usual..My husband procrastinates everything.From wood to wrapping pipes.....Was not so bad when younger but the older i get the more it is leaving a bad taste in my mouth!It will happen,as usual,rushed in a week when it HAS to be done!
OK,.,,,,,,,enough babbling!Although the venting is good. ;)

Christmas will also be here before we know it so get entered into some of the great giveaways on the blogs that are available....I have won some of these myself and i really enjoy visiting others blogs and catching up on what is going on with them@!So get a cup of coffee and lets visit a spell...Some really good one's are listed below....will add more here in the morning!sorry,but 4 year old will soon be reaDy for bed,and honestly,,NannaBee

have a great day!

Betty R~Starting Again


oneboredmommywe get to offer (1) Lucky Viewer the chance to win a "Svan" Scooter from Scandinavian Child too!ends oct. 16th..these are just too cool!

oneboredmommyLooking For A More Personal Alternative To An American Girl Doll For Your Daughter This Christmas?Then check out her giveaway!


My daughter

Monday, October 12, 2009

Life can be can be good

I look in front of me and i see my 2 grandsons,billy age 7,and kolby age 4,sleeping peacefully on their pallet in the floor.This is their favorite spot to sleep.Little puppy is laying next to billy.I have a good preacher talking encouragement on tv while i sit here blog hoping!Life can be good and it can be hard,A lot of times it depends on how we ourselves approach each day.

At times it is hard to see good.Several members of my family have lost loved ones this week.My sister's father in law died night before last as well as my son's 1st cousin lost his granddaughter,only 20 years old.Her father in law was sick and they knew he was getting bad,had time to talk and sit and talk.Jimmy's granddaughter died quickly.Her and her boyfriend was just going to take the 4 wheeler around the block.They never made it back.A van hit them head on,killing instantly i do believe.Good thing is she was a Jesus loving young lady and i am sure with Jesus right now and maybe her and her boyfriend walked into heavens gate hand in hand.I am not sure about her father in law,but i do know ..her husband wants to start going to church.Is death easy?By all means no!Does it help when we know where they shall spend eternity ,,YES!

I have talked a few times about death to my kids and grand kids,just to let them know if something happens to me that i will see them again one day in Heaven!I then remind them how to make sure they go to Heaven one day.None of us have tomorrow promised.The older i get the more that is a reality.Yes it happens that way.Too bad it doesn't when we are all younger.We would live our lives better i am assured!I know i would.Where did this come from?Not sure but you just got inside my thoughts! ;)

Times can be hard and it is good that we have friend and family to stand with.I as well am glad for my online friends..Thanks for spending a few minutes of your life with me and please,stop in again...May God grant you the peace and rest that only he can do.

Betty R

Help with the Holidays Ahead

Morning all!
What a weekend!I had the boys and Little Summer.So add to that i feel like crap since last Thursday...mmmm...Summer got so irrate at church that i just walked outside with her the last 10 minutes of service! ;0 Oh well..This all too soon shall pass and they are all grown up.But they can be a handful.Little adam came back with us for a few hours after church until his granddad came and got him.
I was talking to the boys this morning on what they would like for christmas..I got everything from 4 wheelers to bakagan! :( Kolby wants a plasma car!So off to see what kind of contest are going joking aside.There are some great bloggers out there doing reviews and giveaways that have interest for all of us.So take a little time and check some of them out.Here are a few of the giveaways and reviews i found this morning!
Have a great daY and if you come by and your giveaway is not listed ,feel free to add it to comments....

Betty R~Starting Again
Giveaways below!

justanotherhofeling-win a plasma car! PlaSmart is generously giving one plasmacar away to a just another hofeeling reader! Ends October 15th
These are so cool!Trying to win one of these for my grandkids,hoping for green!

Go over to twoofakindworkingonafullhouse and enter to win a costume!Sponsor is infashionkids Halloween Costume Review And Giveaway ends 10/14

infashionkids run by for threir giveaways!
thenursemommy wina 100 pc block set for the kiddies! ends 10/21
thenursemommy win a pair of ministar boots!

leslielovesveggies Life Verse Jewelry ~ Bracelet Giveaway ~ Inspirational Jewelry ends 10/25

leslielovesveggies win a mixed case of mor! ends 10/24
leslielovesveggies eAu fLirt Perfume {Giveaway}~ The perfume that flirts for you

The rain eludes me

Was hoping for a rain last night,but they seem to be passing by us.Showers all around,close enough to hear the thunder and rush of ushering winds through the pines..but still no rain.
Not like we really need it,i just love the rain on the roof and the smell of fresh watered dirt.I am uploading a few more pics to facebook on my family album.One of those things i have been meaning to do and not yet finished.I seem to be there a lot lately,getting went up to town and got groceries this evening,ran by rita's to see the boys and summer a few minutes.Kolby has dad day at pre school tomorrow.Kolby's dad is to sorry to be around so rita's boyfriend Stacey is going with him and he is excited about it and looking forward to it,they both are.Kolby is getting better adjusted to his med's,helps keep him calmer.Actually he just acts like a normal 4 year old now and has learned to write his name!! Woo Hoo...My little man is getting big.He took his first ever school pics today as well...
Next Friday we will have his fall festival at pre school,i said i would help as well,i know it will be fun!
Billy is getting ready for halloween,he is real excited about it.He loves dressing up.He is going to be the headless horseman! Summer is a sugar plum fairy and Kolby will be a ninja.I am not sure what Charlie Mae will be yet.Her and her mom Julie are still in Arizona,they will return home in December.I miss them so much but i knw julie's family are enjoying having them so that makes it a lot easier.I can just imaging being n their place...I would soooooo miss them.I hope they all have a wonderful time .They went up to a place called big lake this past week,she sent me a pic of Charlie at the lake.It was so pretty!

have a great night!

Betty R

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall is here!

Hello everyone!
Are you looking forward to the cold sprays of rain in winter?Snowflakes in the sky(not so many for us here in alabama),frozen ponds and skates?Busted water pipes and high heating bills?
I can feel fall in the air!The cool breeze gently blowing through the pines and the call of the coyotes at night while the moon shines down.There is a part of me that loves this time of year.I walk out and see the oranges,purples and yellows of fall's flowers that dazzle the eyes.Yes FALL IS beautiful.The leaves of the poplar,sycamore,popcorn tree and mulberry tree are beginning to fall.Soon the lifeless trees will adorn the view outside.Only my cedars and oaks are evergreen.The hummingbirds are beginning to travel on alongside the mockingbirds,bluebirds and other companions of the air.While the robin's,blackbirds,blue jays and more begin to filter in for their winter retreat here.The garden is dwindling and the color of the sage is a brilliant red now.Time to trim the flowering shrubs and I'll soon cut back the roses.I have a few bushes and little tree's i have marked that soon i shall go and get to replant here.These will supply fruits and berries to the grand kids and wildlife for years to come.Even the clouds have started looking fallish!But there hangs that almost sense of dread of a long cold winter ahead.No i am not a winter person i am afraid.I shall spend it looking forward to the shifting of the skies and the return of the jasmine and jonquils in march!Yes yes...With the exceptions of the holidays ,i shall dream of spring!

have a great day everyone!

Betty R~Starting Again

moms focus online
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ends October 9, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Out of the Mouths Of Babes..IS THAT GOD?

Happy Sunday Friends!
I hope your day and weekend went well.Kolby stayed this weekend with us,well he always does,lol,,If he is out of school.little man is here.He arrived with a little extra Friday...A 2 month old poodle. :0
He says'' NannaBee,i can't have this at mommies but i can have him and he stay here while i am at school and i come back and he is here,,Make sense??????? ;0
Remember he is only 4!Needless to say there is a ,maybe a pound,puppy laying on Kolbys sleepwear in the floor beside me.Yep he is missing his master and he sleeps where he smells him.I am afraid he is going to be whining tonight!
oK...We are setting in church and Kolby has his money to give to God in church.One of the deacon's was passing the bowl taking up our tithe's.He comes to Kolby and he carefully places his money,counting it out,into the bowl.Lane passes on and Kolby says''where is he taking the money'',I said it does not matter baby,it is God's money now and it is used for him....All at once,Kolby looked straight at me and said Nanna. THAT'S GOD?????????? referring to the deacon taking our tithes...I almost busted up laughing right there.I said no no Kolby...That is not God.Yes he spoke it loudly too.Several got a good tickle out of him!!!!!RIGHT OUT OF THE MOUTH'S OF CHILDREN.I have decided i need to talk a little more about who God is in Sunday

Few giveaways out there i just entered i thought you may enjoy..Good Luck all..OH!!!!and please everyone say a prayer for all these effected in the areas around China where all the storms and earthquakes are happening...They are just being bombarded this year..Better pray,,,THIS COULD BE ALL OF US!!!!!

Betty R~Starting Again!

GIVEAWAYS BELOW!!!Enter Now and Good Luck!!!!
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Thanks to Halloween Express, 2 lucky readers on The will win gift certificates to pick out their own Halloween Costumes. One winner will receive a $100 e-certificate and a second winner will receive a $50 e-certificate!!!

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taketimetosmelltherose has several other wonderful giveaways to enter such as the Review & Giveaway-click to enter!ends oct7th

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Hi friends,
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Betty R~Starting Again!

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kolby and animals he finds! Pics too

My 4 year old little man is always a picking up some kind of animal..As you know we live in the country and this little fella is all country boy!Here he is with ''turtie'' just before we realeased him back to nature,,These animals are still on the endangered list so t is refreshing to see the baby ones!This is a gopher tortoise.They do not bite as the turtles do.But if you find one,just enjoy him a few minutes and release! The sun is breaking and my mocking bird in the front yard beckons me...have a great day and remember to thank God for another day!!!!

Betty R~Starting again
COMMENTS WELCOME!!! Kolby would love to have them read to him!!!

Wolf Rats,Snakes ,Puppies and Sleep Aids!

Good morning all and a blessed day to you!!!
Well at 4:00 this morning,est,i awoke and no luck at getting back to sleep so..,here i am!Seems the older i get the worse the sleep pattern gets.If i can get to sleep,i am up early.If i have to take a sleep aid to get rest,i sleep late..I am so messed up.I wish they made a good sleep aid that worked well,without the drowsiness in the morning,THAT DOES NOT COST 100.99 A MONTH TO GET!!!! that is just crazy,we live in such a greedy nation!A few years ago i tried a product,non prescription,worked super!a FEW MONTHS LATER IT WENT TO PRESCRIPTION,AND NOW COST 120.0o month! i just don't think so.They quickly lost my business .They don't mind though,they made it up quickly!100 fold!!!The Dr. gave me some Ambien CR to try,samples for a few weeks.I loved it.Then i went to fill the prescript,at a low 135.00 !!!! NOPE!!!it is still there..CRAZY......I just simply will not pay that amount for a sleep aid..Heck that could go on my light bill,phone bill,Internet,groceries..Not too mention that will buy clothes or meds for my grand kids..Just refuse to waste money like that.Anyone has any idea on something that will help,i am all ears.But please let it be something you have really tried and know it works..ok,,,
I spent the last 2 days cleaning yards and cleaning out the barn..While doing that i found a nest of sticks..YES..STICKS.Not little ones,nice size ones, a few minutes i found the owner..Or he found me...This looks like a little rat,but he was bigger than a squirrel!You survivalist out there,he could be dinner!lol...So..If it gets bad..Rat on the fire,,lol,,Wanna see him???

We live way back in the woods so this really is no surprise.I think we have one of these bad boys in the roof as well.Maybe 2.Hubby went out yesterday to get a piece of tin and it had 2 black snakes under it.Needless to say he took off running.Yea..there is still a little city boy in
Kolby came in yesterday with a new pet..Yep yet another one,
This time a little puppy.Half poodle and something.Looks like a miniature copy of the dog on the never ending story...So he lies here in front of me on his ''pallet'',with puppy right beside him!