Monday, October 12, 2009

The rain eludes me

Was hoping for a rain last night,but they seem to be passing by us.Showers all around,close enough to hear the thunder and rush of ushering winds through the pines..but still no rain.
Not like we really need it,i just love the rain on the roof and the smell of fresh watered dirt.I am uploading a few more pics to facebook on my family album.One of those things i have been meaning to do and not yet finished.I seem to be there a lot lately,getting went up to town and got groceries this evening,ran by rita's to see the boys and summer a few minutes.Kolby has dad day at pre school tomorrow.Kolby's dad is to sorry to be around so rita's boyfriend Stacey is going with him and he is excited about it and looking forward to it,they both are.Kolby is getting better adjusted to his med's,helps keep him calmer.Actually he just acts like a normal 4 year old now and has learned to write his name!! Woo Hoo...My little man is getting big.He took his first ever school pics today as well...
Next Friday we will have his fall festival at pre school,i said i would help as well,i know it will be fun!
Billy is getting ready for halloween,he is real excited about it.He loves dressing up.He is going to be the headless horseman! Summer is a sugar plum fairy and Kolby will be a ninja.I am not sure what Charlie Mae will be yet.Her and her mom Julie are still in Arizona,they will return home in December.I miss them so much but i knw julie's family are enjoying having them so that makes it a lot easier.I can just imaging being n their place...I would soooooo miss them.I hope they all have a wonderful time .They went up to a place called big lake this past week,she sent me a pic of Charlie at the lake.It was so pretty!

have a great night!

Betty R

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