Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Inspirational Material-order now!

Hi friends,
Christmas time is just around the corner and now is a great time to check this Free Inspirational Material out!Some are e downloads also .. has some wonderful material for your home,church,family ,friends or just to have on hands for the holidays to share!
Here are just a few things that are available.
Reclaiming Christmas: 26 Days To Spiritual Rebirth

Join us in a quest to fully experience the true meaning of Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and rekindle the faith, peace, love and joy characteristic of the Advent season. This 26-day guide, created from Unity's popular book The Quest, features articles and journaling questions to guide your spiritual journey up to and including Christmas Day, culminating in the celebration of your awakened Christ consciousness.
Survival Guide For The Soul: An All-In-One Manual For Spiritual Practice

Imagine having a handy reference guide to help you adapt to change; forgive; express gratitude; slow down and relax; even say good-bye. Or perhaps you'd like reminders on how to pray, meditate, use affirmations or create a treasure map. This compilation of suggestions, tools and tips provides the essential tools for turning life's challenges into opportunities for transformation.

The Power Of Presence

The 48 pages in The Power of Presence are filled with words to inspire you to be more present to those you love and the abundant opportunities and blessings that constantly surround you. You will also find real-life examples and ways to practice the power of presence in your own life now..

These are great,i ordered a few myself..Happy holidays readers!!!!

Betty R~Starting Again!

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