Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wolf Rats,Snakes ,Puppies and Sleep Aids!

Good morning all and a blessed day to you!!!
Well at 4:00 this morning,est,i awoke and no luck at getting back to sleep so..,here i am!Seems the older i get the worse the sleep pattern gets.If i can get to sleep,i am up early.If i have to take a sleep aid to get rest,i sleep late..I am so messed up.I wish they made a good sleep aid that worked well,without the drowsiness in the morning,THAT DOES NOT COST 100.99 A MONTH TO GET!!!! that is just crazy,we live in such a greedy nation!A few years ago i tried a product,non prescription,worked super!a FEW MONTHS LATER IT WENT TO PRESCRIPTION,AND NOW COST 120.0o month! i just don't think so.They quickly lost my business .They don't mind though,they made it up quickly!100 fold!!!The Dr. gave me some Ambien CR to try,samples for a few weeks.I loved it.Then i went to fill the prescript,at a low 135.00 !!!! NOPE!!!it is still there..CRAZY......I just simply will not pay that amount for a sleep aid..Heck that could go on my light bill,phone bill,Internet,groceries..Not too mention that will buy clothes or meds for my grand kids..Just refuse to waste money like that.Anyone has any idea on something that will help,i am all ears.But please let it be something you have really tried and know it works..ok,,,
I spent the last 2 days cleaning yards and cleaning out the barn..While doing that i found a nest of sticks..YES..STICKS.Not little ones,nice size ones, a few minutes i found the owner..Or he found me...This looks like a little rat,but he was bigger than a squirrel!You survivalist out there,he could be dinner!lol...So..If it gets bad..Rat on the fire,,lol,,Wanna see him???

We live way back in the woods so this really is no surprise.I think we have one of these bad boys in the roof as well.Maybe 2.Hubby went out yesterday to get a piece of tin and it had 2 black snakes under it.Needless to say he took off running.Yea..there is still a little city boy in
Kolby came in yesterday with a new pet..Yep yet another one,
This time a little puppy.Half poodle and something.Looks like a miniature copy of the dog on the never ending story...So he lies here in front of me on his ''pallet'',with puppy right beside him!

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