Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Husbands gone mad,make me crazy! Blogger giveaways also

Ever had those day's where seemed like if you laid down you could sleep for days?That was me today.I so hope i am not coming down with something.I have had some problems with my breathing since Last November with my voice become hoarser over the past 10 months.My dr. says he can find nothing to show for these problems.So now i have a raw throat half the time and just feel crappy.I want to think this is a sinus problem or at least i hope!My hubby tries to drive me nuts half the time.I feel like i am still married to a 25 year old!Some people just do not know how to grow up and of course me and my luck with men have got one.
If i was not the type of person i am he would be soooooooooooo gone.Feels like at times i am raising another child.I have enough grand babies already!He needs to raise himself...
I was very happy to hear from Julie and Charlie Mae in Arizona!They are having a good time and charlie is going to be snow white this year!Julie is going to send me pics!They will be back in December.I do miss them but i am thrilled for her that she gets to spend a few months with her family....Love you girls!!!!!

Ghost hunters is on tv,i do like watching them even though i have my own view on that.But it is very interesting.No bad comments now...I have had some weird experiences,seen things and heard things..voices,heard 2 ''ghost'' in a conversation.(yes i truly have right before i rebuked them!).But i have my own view on it through the Bible...

I found a few neat contest in bloggville and wanted to share tonight!They are listed below...Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me.Please leave me a comment and let me know u visited.Do my best to repay the call...
Have a blessed night all..

God Bless,
Betty R~Starting Again!


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