Monday, October 12, 2009

Life can be can be good

I look in front of me and i see my 2 grandsons,billy age 7,and kolby age 4,sleeping peacefully on their pallet in the floor.This is their favorite spot to sleep.Little puppy is laying next to billy.I have a good preacher talking encouragement on tv while i sit here blog hoping!Life can be good and it can be hard,A lot of times it depends on how we ourselves approach each day.

At times it is hard to see good.Several members of my family have lost loved ones this week.My sister's father in law died night before last as well as my son's 1st cousin lost his granddaughter,only 20 years old.Her father in law was sick and they knew he was getting bad,had time to talk and sit and talk.Jimmy's granddaughter died quickly.Her and her boyfriend was just going to take the 4 wheeler around the block.They never made it back.A van hit them head on,killing instantly i do believe.Good thing is she was a Jesus loving young lady and i am sure with Jesus right now and maybe her and her boyfriend walked into heavens gate hand in hand.I am not sure about her father in law,but i do know ..her husband wants to start going to church.Is death easy?By all means no!Does it help when we know where they shall spend eternity ,,YES!

I have talked a few times about death to my kids and grand kids,just to let them know if something happens to me that i will see them again one day in Heaven!I then remind them how to make sure they go to Heaven one day.None of us have tomorrow promised.The older i get the more that is a reality.Yes it happens that way.Too bad it doesn't when we are all younger.We would live our lives better i am assured!I know i would.Where did this come from?Not sure but you just got inside my thoughts! ;)

Times can be hard and it is good that we have friend and family to stand with.I as well am glad for my online friends..Thanks for spending a few minutes of your life with me and please,stop in again...May God grant you the peace and rest that only he can do.

Betty R

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You are so wise, my friend! In just a short post you hit on so many important aspects of life. Good job!