Sunday, October 4, 2009

Out of the Mouths Of Babes..IS THAT GOD?

Happy Sunday Friends!
I hope your day and weekend went well.Kolby stayed this weekend with us,well he always does,lol,,If he is out of school.little man is here.He arrived with a little extra Friday...A 2 month old poodle. :0
He says'' NannaBee,i can't have this at mommies but i can have him and he stay here while i am at school and i come back and he is here,,Make sense??????? ;0
Remember he is only 4!Needless to say there is a ,maybe a pound,puppy laying on Kolbys sleepwear in the floor beside me.Yep he is missing his master and he sleeps where he smells him.I am afraid he is going to be whining tonight!
oK...We are setting in church and Kolby has his money to give to God in church.One of the deacon's was passing the bowl taking up our tithe's.He comes to Kolby and he carefully places his money,counting it out,into the bowl.Lane passes on and Kolby says''where is he taking the money'',I said it does not matter baby,it is God's money now and it is used for him....All at once,Kolby looked straight at me and said Nanna. THAT'S GOD?????????? referring to the deacon taking our tithes...I almost busted up laughing right there.I said no no Kolby...That is not God.Yes he spoke it loudly too.Several got a good tickle out of him!!!!!RIGHT OUT OF THE MOUTH'S OF CHILDREN.I have decided i need to talk a little more about who God is in Sunday

Few giveaways out there i just entered i thought you may enjoy..Good Luck all..OH!!!!and please everyone say a prayer for all these effected in the areas around China where all the storms and earthquakes are happening...They are just being bombarded this year..Better pray,,,THIS COULD BE ALL OF US!!!!!

Betty R~Starting Again!

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Deborah Ann said...

Too funny. My grandson Wyatt did the same thing. When the pastor walked on the stage, Wyatt said "Grammy, is that God?" He said it pretty loud too, which caused a few people to chuckle.

Have a blessed week!