Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thursday! Help with the holidays

the wind is blowing tonight wonderfully tonight in front of the storms that will arrive in a few hours.I love the sound of the wind blowing through the pines.My mom says that is the most lonesome sound she has ever heard,she hates it.But then she lived here while we were small being a single parent all the way through.So i guess it would be different to her,but i so enjoy it.
Just got in from cemetery meeting up at the church.The meetings are usually an hour long,this one ran a little over.But usually very smooth and the company is good.We discuss the plots and cleaning and who is where...We try to keep our cemetery taken good care of in respect to everyone and their families that are gone on.
I am watching Amber's Frey's story on tv now.Very interesting to hear her story.There are so many sad things going on in our world.People killing people all over the place for no real reason..Just because...............sad..Glad i have hope in another where all this mess will not exist.Only good and pure things..Be nice not to even worry about locking a door..

Hope all of you are having a good week ..

God Bless you all!

Betty R~Starting Again

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