Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GrandKid's ,Puppies and Mockingbirds!


Setting here at the computer tonight i have my little heater cooking my toes! lol..Still a bit nippy,suppose to be warmer tonight and tomorrow.So i have big plans,Good lord will..
I want to take down the rest of our winter clothes out of the attic storage ,sort and re wash,then hang up.I also want to go ahead and get my Christmas decorations down to go through them and clean some out.I do not want the same thing to happen like last year.No rush of Christmas decorating.If i have everything sorted and ready,,easy breezy!While at the same time i can donate the stuff i really never use.I went through some of our clothes last week and have a big donate pile in my old office room,i am now seated in the living room!I can do that now that the boys are with their mom during the week going to school.Zack ,teenage stepson,age 17,moved in with his mother in July,Darrell and Julie are in town now,and Rita has the boys.Seems strange here now.I do enjoy the time i have free but i still have not got used to it!This is the first time My home has ever been empty of kids and grands.I just have to get it like i want it now.I have Kolby's pup here at my feet and Darrell's Schnauzer is on the top of couch.Yea they leave and the animals remain! lol..That's ok..they are company especially when Jeff work's night's.My family worries about me sometimes because i lve way back in the wood's and times i am alone.I say don't worry,i know how to shoot my shotgun and pistol!I pray i never have too ,but would in a heartbeat.....
I have a mockingbird that sits here in the little tree outside the window .He returns every year and has for 5 years now.I know when he arrives,he starts talking!Yes it is true,they will mimic other things.Cat squeal,dog bark,whistles,other birds..It is amusing to hear and watch him.i walked out under it the other night and he happened to be roosting where i walked right under him and he went insane..lol..
It is strange these things we become attached too.I have always been an animal person,guess i always will be.
I hope each of you have a great night.Watch fox in the morning and catch up on the news..I will...

God Bless,
Betty R
Grandson Kolby(4) and his puppy poodle!

Daughter Rita with Granddaughter Summer in her halloween suit!

Grandson's from left Kolby(4) ,billy (7) and friend Adam(4) with Adam's pumpkin!

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tina reynolds said...

Cute pics. I just got my kids a puppy. Have a wonderful Halloween. I really enjoyed your blog. I am now following.

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