Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the thunder rolls and darrell sings.

Hi all,
Well it's another rainy night in south central Alabama with the thunder rumbling in the not so far distance.I saw the lightning flash a few moments ago,so it will be here soon.Maybe it won't be too bad.I do love the rain.I went with my son this morning,or better yet,he took me to pay my telephone and light bill.He came in last night about 8 pm and just stayed the night with us.I don't get to see him all the time now and that's still strange.He is 29 but he's still my boy!
We have always been close with very few problems in between us though the years.HiS dad died when i was 5 months pregnant so he never saw his father.He is a good guy.We went by and looked at some wireless microphones this morning also.He is the singer and also plays guitar sometimes in a band here.He has been playing since he was 13.He can play dang near anything he wants too really.
His fiancee and little girl charlie Mae will be flying back from Arizona Feb 10Th,they have been visiting her family since November.We all miss them but they need that time together as well..
If you want to take a second and check out the band,It is straight jacket 4 Nixon,here is the link!If you go by let me know and what you think..

well i got some of my yard cleaning and pruning done!Happy it were just not sooooooo wet everywhere.I live on a decline and rain water drains from the higher ground on us for days after rain.So got to where the water never dries!I won't ever get my pond hole drained enough to finish digging.Oh well...side effect of loving the rain,lol...
The kids are doing great right now they went to fun land tonight and Rita text ed me that they were on their way home now.They went to enterprise.I am glad they had a good time.
Well the lights just blinked so i better post before i loose it. ;0
Have a blessed day everyone!

God bless
Betty R~starting AGAIN

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7O DEGREES and my to do list!

The sun is shining and suppose to get to 70 degrees on us today!Praise God..I am soooooooo tired of cold and dampness.I am a summer time lady and just can not adapt to this.Yuk..well i guess i can but i do not like it.;)
hOW IS YOUR WEEK GOING?mine is looking better and i have lot's of plans this week i want to accomplish.I want to get the carpet cleaned,doing it myself with the bissell quick steamer plus!Clean carpet!yea...
I have most washing done but i do want to wash and dry my sheets and comforters.I want to dust entire house and rearrange the bedrooms.I have plans for painting the kids room and my bedroom but not this week i don't think,maybe next week.I bought some new hedge trimmers and clippers yesterday ,i am ready for yard cleaning.I have let it get so bad this winter with all the yuk weather.Time to fix it up and get ready for spring!
Anyway waiting on the sun to warm up my little peice of america i have done a few giveaways i thought i'd give you a heads up on!Come along and get entered!Good luck all and have a blessed day!

thanks for stopping by and one day this week i will list new giveaways!


latinaonamission=Week 2 of Disney Video Game Giveaways: Wizards of Waverly Place

upcoming baby week at emmysboosandrawrs with giveaway!

emmysboosandrawrs has a great giveaway -enter here
For those living in the U.S, CleanRest has very generously offered TWO of her readers the follow prize package in their choice of bedding size.
1 mattress encasement
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Now i don't know about you ,but i could really use this set!Good luck!ends feb 4th at noon!

while there,what ever you do don't forget to check out her upcoming baby week (february8th-14th)!will be starting soon so check it out!

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they will make a donation to one of three charities – (WWF – World Wildlife Fund, Make A Wish or World Vision).
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bloggers share with your readers about and our share about the charity program for a donation of $20,That will allow each person to give in their behalf a grand total of $35 to your charity!Come on this is something each one of us can do! I did ,now it is your turn..If you do blog abut this make sure you email so they can add it to the monthly donations!
I want this to go to world vision..Now i have gave to all 2 charities this morning!
start here! HotelsCombined.4Charity on facebook=all details here

have a great day and God bless...

Betty R~Starting again

Monday, January 18, 2010

Recall button up-Children’s “Big Rex and Friends” Cloth Books Recalled

ok ..i have decided to add the recall list read to my side bar..I am just so disgusted at all these lead toys being sent over here for our babies and kids to play with!I am starting to believe they are doing this crap on purpose better for another country to wipe us out than to destroy our children,our future....No i am not a weirdo!I am just looking at facts!For instance this latest case involving a child's ;;CHEW TOY,A BOOK''!For what purpose would you put a lead button to play with on a infant/toddlers book other than to poison it?????If you have a better reason i am all ears!
Just look at this...
Children’s “Big Rex and Friends” Cloth Books Recalled Due to Risk of Lead Exposure
Units: About 204,000
Sold at: Barnes & Noble, Toys “R” Us, Amazon, Borders and other bookstores and retailers nationwide from May 2004 through October 2009 for about $9.
Manufactured in: China

Hazard: A red plastic dot sewn in the book contains HIGH levels of LEAD. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.

Description: This recall involves “Big Rex and Friends” cloth books. The book has a black and white striped border with a red dinosaur on the cover. The words “Big Rex and Friends” are printed on the cover. ISBN 031249260X or 9780312492601 is printed on the back of the book.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact St. Martin’s Press at (800) 347-9411 or visit the firm’s Web site at


PLEASE TAKE TIME AND LOOK AT THE NEW RECALL LIST BOX on om sidebar and make sure your babies are not playing with any of this or drinking out of some of them!

People what is it going to take to stop buying this crap>I know some of this junk is cheaper and easier to buy sometimes,but i would rather my kid play with a wooden toy i had to make or a rag doll instead of giving them poison!We try and protect them and we let toys slip in..Please in your spring cleaning if not before go through their toys and if you do like me,if it does not say in America,it is on the burn pile!!!If we all start buying made in America it will become cheaper and more affordable,It will also force the companies that are honest abroad to pay closer attention to what they make!OR THEY LOOSE OUR BUSSINESS@!!!!They are a lot of great mom and pop companies that are really selling great hand made toys now that are fun to play with as well as reasonable to buy..I will begin trying to post about them weekly that i find 0online.If you are a seller feel free to comment and add your link!I AM SICK OF HURTING OUR CHILDREN!!!!lets all stand together and we can and will stop it..Us blogger now have more influence than i think some of us imagine!
Thanks for stopping by and be safe!

Betty rood

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Giveaway winner and billys prayers,,

Just a quick note,i am away from the house today and will be back tomorrow...Will update then and add another giveaway!The winner of my bulb giveaway was helena!Thank you all for the entries and helena's paid off with all the extras she did!
Thanks again and all be safe..we are looking at several inches of rain coming in today,but alas,I love the rain!

God bless you all....and ....My grandson billy is having a reacurring dreAM,tHat is disturbing to him about a little friend of his getting hurt,So if you would add billys prayers for a friend to your's this would be great..let me know you are and i will let him know.This also helps him grow in faith and teaCHES Him how he should do by joining others and standing in numbers..thank you...You must remember ,my billy is only 7!!!!!He already prays for others and anmals as little one is surely a special blessing....

betty r

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Giveaway Update~Heirloom lily bulb's for spring~blogger giveaways also

Update:::::we hit 20 entries so now heirloom Jon quills are added to the pot as well as a few snow drop bulbs!!!who ever wins will have a great beginning to spring bulbs!!!And all are heirlooms,they will reproduce.These are from a very old stock..(my grandmas!Can't buy this stock ;) !!born 1903!) oh!and i added more spider lilies too!!!And if we hit 40 entries or better before it ends midnight the 15Th,I'll add a few more bulbs,you can share with a friend or keep for yourself! Hurry and get those entries in!!!!MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH EXTRA ENTRY!!!!!2010 gardening giveaway!

rremember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!click here to enter-ends Jan 15Th

Ten lucky Deal Seeking Mom readers will each win a $10 Pizza Hut gift card to enjoy a $10 pizza for themselves!
Deal Seeking Mom

www.makingmyamericandream-old navy gc!ends jan 15th hurry
www.makingmyamericandream-win pedoodles

dealseekingmom-Win-It Wednesday: Keurig B70 Gourmet Single-Cup Brewer ends the 14th!

dealseekingmom-she has a batch of brownies to give away!come on ,you know you want to!ends tomorrow,

superdumbsupervillain-win coupons good for a free bottle of each Genesis Today juice,ends jan 25th

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still froze in south alabama and rambling!

Well it is another cold night here in south Central Alabama.This Saturday it will be warmer .With highs in the 60's and lows in the 50's BUT it is suppose to rain again!!!I am so sick of winter already!We have had ice froze in the back yard for over a week now,we are just 10 miles over the Florida line.The good news,This freezing weather is killing a lot of mosquito larvae and other pest!Also it should make a good spring growing season..Growing season..yes!!! ;) i am so ready for that..SPRING bring it on.. ;) and speaking of spring don't forget , rremember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends Jan 15th and i have just decided to add some more bulbs to it,so head over and check it out!!!!

My daughter and granddaughter Charlize Mae will be returning home from Arizona Feb. 10Th!She sent me her plane itinerary yesterday.
How is your week going?Mine is dreary...cold,gloomy and our pump froze up!So now we are having to buy another one and work on that..More joy!
On the other hand ,the kids and grands are good.My mom is still fighting the pneumonia she has had for 3 weeks,but getting better.She says she is still weak and tired,short of breath and coughing.That is hard to get over...You guys keep her in prayers if you please would....

I am entering a few giveaways tonight if you would like to tag along,grab a cup of tea,coffee or cocoa and lets go!

have a good one and God bless....
Betty R~starting AGAIN


Have you ever been over to They have beautiful clothes!and right now
luvnlife is giving some away!want a beautiful top,then get entered here!
babybix-Yogavive Organic Apple giveaway

Grandkids Entry for 42″ Vizio LCD TV

Sad that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is over? is celebrating CES 2010 by giving away a 42″ Vizio LCD TV! There are 5 ways to enter for up to 10 entry points. The more you complete, the better chance you have at winning! HDTV reviews

This would be so great to win!I will not say that i deserve to win this but my grand kids do.They have had a very rough time and they are troopers.First their mom was gone for over a year with illness and they stayed with us,Nana and paw paw.Through it all they ,especially my oldest grandson,kept the faith that mom would get better and come back.They cried and they prayed.They went through Christmas,birthdays Easter and more without mom(or dad).All billy ask for for his birthday was momma to come back.And after a year it happened ,their mom came back .It was slow at first re bonding,especially with the youngest who was then 3,billy was 5,but now they are doing great.We help out all we can but there is not finances for something like this right now.

Where is dad you may ask?Who knows..all we do know is he has an awful drug problem now and does not need to be a part of their life at all at this point.They don't say a lot about dad except for billy on fathers day and wondered why he couldn't have a dad that wanted to be here.
Mom is now taking care of them and doing good,well as good as she can,financially anyway .What they have been wanting is a bigger TV.The one they have is a 29 inch and every time they go to walmart they just stop and stare at these.I would love for my grand kids to be able to have this wonderful TV.
It wouldn't be used much for sports games,although they are BIG auburn fans, lol..But these little guys so deserve a nice TV to be able to watch their special shows on and billy and kolby both love their PlayStation they got last year.The TV in their room is 18 inch!
So this is my entry ,for my grandson's kolby and billy to win the 42″ Vizio LCD TV .I thank you for this chance!You couldn't give it to anyone who would be more appreciative.

Here is a pic of my Billy ,age 7

and My Kolby age 4...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Free redbox code!

it looks like this one will be good thru Monday, January 11th at 11:59pm CST. All you need to do is find a Redbox kiosk near you, pick out your movie, then go to "Rent with Promo Code". Here's the promo code you'll need: RBXLUV10. Remember, that the promo code can only be used once per debit/credit card.

Free milk coupon! Hurry!

here's a great coupon for you:: Free half gallon of chocolate milk when you purchase 2 gallons!It is only available to the first 125,000 to register for this coupon - so hurry as I'm sure this will go quickly,i just did it and it worked fine!when you print it,hit back button after printing 1st coupon and you can print a third!Hurry now!
click here click ''enter now'' at the top(yea it is a contest to enter as well!) then look at the bottom left and print a coupon! hurry now..

Friday, January 8, 2010

watch the ballgame? you thawed up?????

remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends jan 15th

Well it is 12:01 eastern time in south alabama and it is 34 degrees here deep in the wood's!The pump messed up this morning and did not kick on.Why?Not sure but the good lord just fixed that so i pray that doesn't happen again!I have left the pipes running for 4 days now and got about 3 days to go.Coldest it has been here in 1o years!I can remember when i was growing up we would have icecycles hanging off the roof sometimes days on end.Bout that way again! lol...
We avoided the sleet and snow here and just got rain,but it was a COLD rain.We watched it closely last night watching the Alabama /Texas ballgamne.Neighbor came up and watched it with us.ROLL TIDE!
That was a good game.I enjoyed it.lolBut then i am in bama....
My other neighbor who got laid off ,and has no heat,it here today.Laid back on the couch watching netgeo!I so hate when bad things hap[pen to people and they don't know what to do and i will help anytime i can.but i really don't know what to do for him but share heat.That's something i can do anyway.
Jeff went back to work today(thank goodness!).He just about drives me nuts at times.But that is another post!

Here are a few giveaways i found i wanted to share with you guys!enjoy

Have a blessed day.
Betty R~Starting Again

the old cupboard door blog=Ginger Give Away =ends the 23rd

theshoppingmama-win a zoobie pet!ends the 22nd

theshoppingmama-win robeez shoes for your little prince or princess!ends the 13th

Head over to whatscookingatdd and enter to win this tyson pack giveaway!Don't ya love tyson?My family does and this would be great to win! go now.
shoppingmama also has a flye baby to giveaway
ahensnest-win a coleman giftcard!ends jan10th
thanks to

the old cupboard door blog=Ginger Give Away =ends the 23rd

slice o heaven-win a gc to eco store!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alabama and Texas~ROLL TIDE

rremember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends Jan 15Th

UPDATE:::::::ALABAMA 24-6 halftime!

Well 2 things going on,,lol,,listening to rain turn to sleet at 34 degrees and watching the ball game.2ND quarter and Alabama leading 7-6.Several good plays all ready and Texas is fast but i have to roll tide,,,
What are you doing tonight.Who is having a party?What did you fix?We went easy tonight ,dip,chicken tenders,tater tots and vegetable slices..enough to keep the guys happy!
Just saw 14 degrees forecast for Saturday morning in town that means here we will be in single digits..yuk!No let up till mid next week.Spring time hurry on.Let's hope for an early summer.I'll be watching for the budding of the Carolina jasmine,robins leaving,return of my mocking bird.I love following the old ways .They are more accurate than the weather man i am afraid.
When i see the jasmine bloom i break up the ground and plant.Another few days,after this cold spell and I'll be planting bulbs and spring seeds and tubers for this year.Not long till i get seeds started for garden plants.
Hope all is well in your world and staying warm...Be careful out there.
OH! and Alabama ~~~~~~~~~ROLL TIDE!

Betty R~Starting Again

Giveaways in bloggville

remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends jan 15th

haveing a giveaway and one lucky reader will be able to choose something for the gift guide :) This includes a gas or target giftcard ( if you choose) up to $65 value!!!enter now at la-mode-at


waiting on more cold in south central alabama

Ok people we are in the deep freeze all over !I think God is tired of hearing about Global warming!He just may be showing us this is crazy...Don't get me wrong i agree that we should be careful of the tracks we leave on earth(the waste and mess) but i don't think we are having global warming because of it..We are just ruining our earthly home ..That in its self is enough but they use global warming to get one world order in place,that's all!
Google it is you don't believe me...just check it out...OK....
I already recycle all kinds of metals,don"t put plastics,paper,diapers etc in landfills,heat with wood,teach grand kids to recycle,and i would sooooooooo love to just use solar but IT IS SO EXPENSIVE!when something starts getting poplar it gets expensive.Instead of leaving the product affordable where people really CAN USE IT,greed steps in!Now you tell me if this was all about global warming and wasting ,the governments would fix a lot of it easily by making solar energy affordable TO THE NORMAL PERSON!But they don't.WHY? because if they fix it,they have no reasons to scare people with it..So that being said....
I am just about 9 miles over the AL-Florida line(in Alabama) and waiting on sleet and rain and blusterous temps behind it freezing everything up.Like it isn't already cold enough.Montgomery north they say is snowing,about 90 miles from me.My hubby wants snow,I WANT SPRING TIME BACK.. ;)
I know when it is this cold in our winters that it is killing mosquito larvae and things like that.Which is great.I also know we have a better growing season because of it,but it is rough.
My neighbor (age 28) lost his job,laid off, Monday morning.His truck tore up week before last and now he has no gas for heating and doesn't know what he is going to do.You must remember we live way out in the woods.So there is not people going to and fro from various paces to catch rides with to work and such and when you get in a bind,,well are almost stuck!In his case with no savings and such.He has stayed here most of the week just because it is too cold to stay at his house.Even his dog has moved over here!He is in the yard now...I really feel for folks when they get in hard times.You don't ever know when that can be you and just how quickly it can happen..I know .I have been there,done that.I am thankful now that we have a fireplace.I know as long as nothing happens to it i can at least keep my family warm...It is hard for a lot of people right now and i feel for everyone.I truly do!

May God watch over us all...
Betty R~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezing in the south n hubby's crazy!

remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends jan 15th

It is so cold!And gonna get colder,we are in the freezer even here in south central alabama and north florida.Yuk!My crazy hubby thinks it is great.But remember he is from michigan.But then i reminded him if it gets as cold as they think,the pump is not covered well enough,pipes need more,and we need more kerosene for the heater in the back of the house we use along with the fireplace on very cold times...Is he concerned????NO,,,,JUST SAYS IT'LL BE ALLRIGHT...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...I just am so tired of always having to be the sensible and responsible one..I don't want to be stupid,don't get me wrong..But how long do i babysit and watch over a grown man?>>>Hello!!!!!!
I'd like to enjoy winter too and not be worrying about this ""already should have been done'' stuff....Heck I've already done most all the other.Plastic on some windows,caulking on air holes,covered the pump,hell i even put duck tape around the inside of door in the back BECAUSE IT HAS NOT BEEN FINISHED YET!!!! ;0 Friends i could just scream.I feel like i am married to a 20 year old...I pray and pray and pray....He is s true test i am sure,and i am not passing yet...don't know how,,,
We are so very different.And don't say opposites attract.NO THEY DON'T.....Not like this anyway..jeez...I always have to be the strong one....

wanted to share a pic of kolby and summer ,2 of my grandkids,,No kolbys not mad that's his rock star

ANYWAY...........thanks for letting me vent.He is gone now to a friends house for ''BAND PRACTISE'' yep that's what i said......
I am on here and looking for some good giveaways to take my mind off this crazy day.Wanna go?well come on...


ithodeyouso=your choice of Kidorable Umbrella!

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win a girls cozy from No Time MOM!OOHHH i want this.;)

rockinmama-Snuggle Up With St. Eve Kids *Giveawayheres another chance to get you one!

rockinmama-Norah Jones’ The Fall, Lego Pirates, and More! *Giveaway*Comments will close on January 16
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

giveaways entered tonight!

remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends jan 15th entries are low,come on and enter.These lilies are beautiful and easy to grow!
I have been over at
babeelove's and she has several contest going on now!Get entered!
you can maybe win a
PatientStyle Anti-Microbial Socksend s1-07
and the
Baby's First Phone Call $50 gc - 4 WINNERS!! (1/5)
mommiesgotfivechildren THIS MORNING FOR THE FIRST TIME,BUT I AM NOW FOLLOWING SO I CAN RETURN.don't ya hate it when you come across a nice blog and then can't get back...That's why i follow blogs!I enjoy return visits! ;)
anyway readers she has a country bob's sauce giveaway!This stuff is good!Make sure you get entered...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's cold~enter some giveaways

rremember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends jan 15th

The grand kids went home this evening so now i am just chillin and enjoying kicking my feet up in front of my fireplace blog hopping and entering giveaways!How is your first week of 2010 going? Well and safe i truly hope.
The weather here is getting cold and it is suppose to decline in temps even more over the next few days.Now 28 may not feel bad to a lot of you in various places,but here in south Alabama...IT IS COLD..bitterly cold with the winds.Not suppose to get much over freezing for a high on Monday i think..brrrr..I do not like winter.I know we need it for growing purposes and killing insects and such...But i am not a cold person..That's why i have always lived blizzards for me.Wonder what AL gore and the others do when the cold temps are here?????anyway...............

I am enjoying entering giveaways..why not join me?Stay warm and good luck...what is the temp where you are?let me know...

betty r



sugarpopribbons-pixy-world-review-giveaway-this is beautiful!

win some cookies,ends the 15th at sugar pop ribbons

sugarpopribbons-Atterdag Kids Review & $30 Gift Card Giveaway

sugarpopribbons-Stella & Dot Review and $100 Gift Card Giveaway

sugarpopribbons-Ceramcor Xtrema Cookware Review & Giveaway

naturalmommie-curly-cue-wall-graphics giveaway

Friday, January 1, 2010

new years day giveaways in bloggville

Disney G-Force - 01/03 over at here and there

miccus-blubridge-giveaway at here and there


remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
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i-thode-you-so(dont ya love the name? is giving away a faucet to one lucky reader!go enter .it ends tomorrow and good luck
ithodeyouso=win a shutterbuddy for your camera!ends the 5th

safebeauty-1year mega giveaway!

babybix-25.00 gc to barnes and moble=cheerios!

sugarpopribbons=$25 Gift Card to Joy of Soap (1/11)

sugarpopribbons-tot a tot giveaway

sugarpopribbons wett giggles giveaway

simple green giveaway

sugarpopribbons-ooh la la mama giveaway-make sure you check out the beautiful dresses!i want one for my granddaughters!

sugarpopribbons-bored inc giveawayends the 4th

sugarpopribbons-Many thanks to Ann of Zutano for offering a $75 gift card to one of her lucky readers to shop and buy some cute stuff from the company's Itzy Bitzy line.ends the 5th

sugarpopribbon grow head giveaway-the boys would like this!ends jan6

sugarpopribbons camilles closet giveaway

Happy new year -new pop tart review

remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends jan 15th

Well Pop Tarts have done it this time!Made my grandson ask for them more than he already does!
I recieved a sample pack of the brand new WILD GRAPE flavored Pop Tarts.Kolby ,age 4, was with me when they arrived so he got to open them.His eyes lit up and a smile formed when he saw his favorite color dancing all around the tops of them,green! Lime green....
I have to say he really enjoyed them as well as i think half of it was because of the green
I did try a small bite before they were gone and they are tasty i agree.They taste like real grapes.So if your little one likes pop tarts and the flavor of grapes,these are for him and her!Look for them in your local grocery,,,Pop tarts wild grape flavor..
here is Kolby enjoyed the last of it!

I hope you had a safe and happy new year.I spent it with the grands Kolby age 4 and Summer leighanne age 19 mos.Yes it has been hectic for 2 days but i do enjoy them.Just wish the energy level was still with
May God bless each of us and help us to depend on him...


free motorcycle calendar-flower giveaway!

remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!

click here to enter-ends jan 15th

Do you have a motorcycle lover in the family like i do?Then click
here and get a free 2010 motorcycle calendar!