Thursday, January 7, 2010

waiting on more cold in south central alabama

Ok people we are in the deep freeze all over !I think God is tired of hearing about Global warming!He just may be showing us this is crazy...Don't get me wrong i agree that we should be careful of the tracks we leave on earth(the waste and mess) but i don't think we are having global warming because of it..We are just ruining our earthly home ..That in its self is enough but they use global warming to get one world order in place,that's all!
Google it is you don't believe me...just check it out...OK....
I already recycle all kinds of metals,don"t put plastics,paper,diapers etc in landfills,heat with wood,teach grand kids to recycle,and i would sooooooooo love to just use solar but IT IS SO EXPENSIVE!when something starts getting poplar it gets expensive.Instead of leaving the product affordable where people really CAN USE IT,greed steps in!Now you tell me if this was all about global warming and wasting ,the governments would fix a lot of it easily by making solar energy affordable TO THE NORMAL PERSON!But they don't.WHY? because if they fix it,they have no reasons to scare people with it..So that being said....
I am just about 9 miles over the AL-Florida line(in Alabama) and waiting on sleet and rain and blusterous temps behind it freezing everything up.Like it isn't already cold enough.Montgomery north they say is snowing,about 90 miles from me.My hubby wants snow,I WANT SPRING TIME BACK.. ;)
I know when it is this cold in our winters that it is killing mosquito larvae and things like that.Which is great.I also know we have a better growing season because of it,but it is rough.
My neighbor (age 28) lost his job,laid off, Monday morning.His truck tore up week before last and now he has no gas for heating and doesn't know what he is going to do.You must remember we live way out in the woods.So there is not people going to and fro from various paces to catch rides with to work and such and when you get in a bind,,well are almost stuck!In his case with no savings and such.He has stayed here most of the week just because it is too cold to stay at his house.Even his dog has moved over here!He is in the yard now...I really feel for folks when they get in hard times.You don't ever know when that can be you and just how quickly it can happen..I know .I have been there,done that.I am thankful now that we have a fireplace.I know as long as nothing happens to it i can at least keep my family warm...It is hard for a lot of people right now and i feel for everyone.I truly do!

May God watch over us all...
Betty R~

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