Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezing in the south n hubby's crazy!

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It is so cold!And gonna get colder,we are in the freezer even here in south central alabama and north florida.Yuk!My crazy hubby thinks it is great.But remember he is from michigan.But then i reminded him if it gets as cold as they think,the pump is not covered well enough,pipes need more,and we need more kerosene for the heater in the back of the house we use along with the fireplace on very cold times...Is he concerned????NO,,,,JUST SAYS IT'LL BE ALLRIGHT...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...I just am so tired of always having to be the sensible and responsible one..I don't want to be stupid,don't get me wrong..But how long do i babysit and watch over a grown man?>>>Hello!!!!!!
I'd like to enjoy winter too and not be worrying about this ""already should have been done'' stuff....Heck I've already done most all the other.Plastic on some windows,caulking on air holes,covered the pump,hell i even put duck tape around the inside of door in the back BECAUSE IT HAS NOT BEEN FINISHED YET!!!! ;0 Friends i could just scream.I feel like i am married to a 20 year old...I pray and pray and pray....He is s true test i am sure,and i am not passing yet...don't know how,,,
We are so very different.And don't say opposites attract.NO THEY DON'T.....Not like this anyway..jeez...I always have to be the strong one....

wanted to share a pic of kolby and summer ,2 of my grandkids,,No kolbys not mad that's his rock star face..lol..

ANYWAY...........thanks for letting me vent.He is gone now to a friends house for ''BAND PRACTISE'' yep that's what i said......
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Secretista said...

What's the temperature down there?! Here up north it gets so cold that when the temperature goes up to 36 degrees we're like "Yes! Warmth!!"