Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still froze in south alabama and rambling!

Well it is another cold night here in south Central Alabama.This Saturday it will be warmer .With highs in the 60's and lows in the 50's BUT it is suppose to rain again!!!I am so sick of winter already!We have had ice froze in the back yard for over a week now,we are just 10 miles over the Florida line.The good news,This freezing weather is killing a lot of mosquito larvae and other pest!Also it should make a good spring growing season..Growing season..yes!!! ;) i am so ready for that..SPRING bring it on.. ;) and speaking of spring don't forget , rremember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
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My daughter and granddaughter Charlize Mae will be returning home from Arizona Feb. 10Th!She sent me her plane itinerary yesterday.
How is your week going?Mine is dreary...cold,gloomy and our pump froze up!So now we are having to buy another one and work on that..More joy!
On the other hand ,the kids and grands are good.My mom is still fighting the pneumonia she has had for 3 weeks,but getting better.She says she is still weak and tired,short of breath and coughing.That is hard to get over...You guys keep her in prayers if you please would....

I am entering a few giveaways tonight if you would like to tag along,grab a cup of tea,coffee or cocoa and lets go!

have a good one and God bless....
Betty R~starting AGAIN


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