Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grandkids Entry for 42″ Vizio LCD TV

Sad that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is over? YouReviewElectronics.com is celebrating CES 2010 by giving away a 42″ Vizio LCD TV! There are 5 ways to enter for up to 10 entry points. The more you complete, the better chance you have at winning!

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This would be so great to win!I will not say that i deserve to win this but my grand kids do.They have had a very rough time and they are troopers.First their mom was gone for over a year with illness and they stayed with us,Nana and paw paw.Through it all they ,especially my oldest grandson,kept the faith that mom would get better and come back.They cried and they prayed.They went through Christmas,birthdays Easter and more without mom(or dad).All billy ask for for his birthday was momma to come back.And after a year it happened ,their mom came back .It was slow at first re bonding,especially with the youngest who was then 3,billy was 5,but now they are doing great.We help out all we can but there is not finances for something like this right now.

Where is dad you may ask?Who knows..all we do know is he has an awful drug problem now and does not need to be a part of their life at all at this point.They don't say a lot about dad except for billy on fathers day and wondered why he couldn't have a dad that wanted to be here.
Mom is now taking care of them and doing good,well as good as she can,financially anyway .What they have been wanting is a bigger TV.The one they have is a 29 inch and every time they go to walmart they just stop and stare at these.I would love for my grand kids to be able to have this wonderful TV.
It wouldn't be used much for sports games,although they are BIG auburn fans, lol..But these little guys so deserve a nice TV to be able to watch their special shows on and billy and kolby both love their PlayStation they got last year.The TV in their room is 18 inch!
So this is my entry ,for my grandson's kolby and billy to win the 42″ Vizio LCD TV .I thank you for this chance!You couldn't give it to anyone who would be more appreciative.

Here is a pic of my Billy ,age 7

and My Kolby age 4...

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Your grandkids sound awesome! Good luck!