Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7O DEGREES and my to do list!

The sun is shining and suppose to get to 70 degrees on us today!Praise God..I am soooooooo tired of cold and dampness.I am a summer time lady and just can not adapt to this.Yuk..well i guess i can but i do not like it.;)
hOW IS YOUR WEEK GOING?mine is looking better and i have lot's of plans this week i want to accomplish.I want to get the carpet cleaned,doing it myself with the bissell quick steamer plus!Clean carpet!yea...
I have most washing done but i do want to wash and dry my sheets and comforters.I want to dust entire house and rearrange the bedrooms.I have plans for painting the kids room and my bedroom but not this week i don't think,maybe next week.I bought some new hedge trimmers and clippers yesterday ,i am ready for yard cleaning.I have let it get so bad this winter with all the yuk weather.Time to fix it up and get ready for spring!
Anyway waiting on the sun to warm up my little peice of america i have done a few giveaways i thought i'd give you a heads up on!Come along and get entered!Good luck all and have a blessed day!

thanks for stopping by and one day this week i will list new giveaways!


latinaonamission=Week 2 of Disney Video Game Giveaways: Wizards of Waverly Place

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Faith Imagined said...

It is 80 degrees here! I love winters in South Texas!!!

Looks like you are staying busy!!!

-Alisa Hope