Sunday, January 3, 2010

giveaways entered tonight!

remember to enter my giveaway and win some spider lily bulbs for your spring garden!It will be here before you know it,,enjoy and good luck!
click here to enter-ends jan 15th entries are low,come on and enter.These lilies are beautiful and easy to grow!
I have been over at
babeelove's and she has several contest going on now!Get entered!
you can maybe win a
PatientStyle Anti-Microbial Socksend s1-07
and the
Baby's First Phone Call $50 gc - 4 WINNERS!! (1/5)
mommiesgotfivechildren THIS MORNING FOR THE FIRST TIME,BUT I AM NOW FOLLOWING SO I CAN RETURN.don't ya hate it when you come across a nice blog and then can't get back...That's why i follow blogs!I enjoy return visits! ;)
anyway readers she has a country bob's sauce giveaway!This stuff is good!Make sure you get entered...


Anonymous said...

Well, Thank you, thank you for the plug. Thanks for stopping by.

I wish you well on all of your entries.

God Bless

Faith Imagined said...

Thanks for the info! The Country Bob sauce sounds good! I think I need to eat some lunch! Haha!!!