Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Husband sick and whining,what's new??

It is cold in south Alabama people!How was your weekend?Great i hope.I had a good weekend with Kolby.Summer and Billy came on Sunday for a few hours.Rita went to Dr.yesterday and was put on lexapro and robaxim.Maybe they will make her feel better.Her nerves at times are shot.Darrell and Jeff are busy with the band this week,they have several big shows coming up next week!They are looking forward to that for the Halloween weekend.Last year they had hundreds for it.If we lived somewhere else i am sure they would already be a signed band.
But for the moment he has went and dragged home some kind of virus with him!And what do men do when they are sick???AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH,baabbbbyyyy im sick!!!!
This started last night so guess who is next ;( OH NO!!! if the kids are not bringing home aches and whines he is!And of course all men i know are just big babies!SO..i am praying,praying...me no sick..nope not come near me!(Thank you God)

We are still waiting for billy's costume from anytime costumes(2 weeks now!) but they have assured me it will be here sometime this week...I have had to re mail a giveaway that was won here ..any one else having mailing problems????And it is not even in the holidays yet ;(
Lot's of great giveaways on fellow blogger sites you really should look around and get in on them.These can be very helpful for the upcoming holiday season!Win some things for your little one's as well as the bigger one's and yourself!
I will add some links below through out the day,give you a few head's up!Hey and don't forget a lot of these blogs have several going on at once,so enter them all!Let me know if you win some..
Hope all have a great day,,,

Betty R~Starting Again!

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