Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter and MENopause~Giveaways ending soon

Suppose to be 43 next week!Ok now i Love fall but i dread WINTER THIS YEAR! I know we need the change in seasons for all things alive but with age comes winter means wrapping pipes,plastic on windows,sealing any holes up,moth balls out so no snakes come in side the attic(yep you heard right!),cutting wood(daily),and much more.Am i prepared NO! This is in thanks to my procrastinating husband once that means rush,rush ,rush..all the while partly keeping my grand babies.This is the same man a few years ago that wanted me to move back to Michigan with him!I THINK NOT....If you can not prepare right in Alabama..not no BUT H--- NO!i AM NOT QUITE THAT CRAZY. Menopause sucks people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little relief,he is gone this morning so i am getting lost blog hoping!Here are a few giveaways i found...ENJOY!

thepost-itplace(click to enter here!) and is giving away a Musical Hand Wash Timer (GIVEAWAY ends
October 24th, 2009

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One very lucky winner is going to receive 3 pairs of SmartKnitKids Socks!

networkingwitches Plus Size Clothing Giveaway Ends 10/30/2009, 11/30/2009, & 12/30/2009

networkingwitches Well Kiss My Thistle Ends 10/15

livingmycharmedlife win a plasma car!

theshoppingmamawants to give one of her lucky readers a blessing!!!!A safety 1st blessing...what will you get? A Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Car Seat!valued over 200.00!