Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday morning is quiet-time for giveaways!

Good morning friends!For the first time in a long time i am not waking up on a saturday with one or more of the grandkids!I am lost people do you hear me....
Strange indeed.Billy has a meeting planned with a pastor in town for a talk.He has an upcoming paper for school(only in 2nd grade!) and he must write it on what he wants to be when he grows up and bilyy wants to be a preacher for God!
Jumping!yea!glory to god!!! I have known as well as others Billy is a blessed little boy of God's and prays for people ,animals ,just whatever!He loves Jesus and after being around him and talking just a few minutes you'd see what i mean.He is a gentle heart with a thought pattern WAY beyong his 7 years!
Anyway he has that meeting coming up with the family friend pastor and will be be visiting another church this sunday and i think Kolby wants to go too.Summer is with the other grandma and my little Miss Charlize Mae is still with momJulie in Arizona visiting with their family there,they will return early December..I miss you girls!!!!I miss them but the times they have there are so very special for them as well as here.I am so glad they are able to have this time together and we all get to mshare in their lives.Darrell is still out of work ,besides his musical jobs parttime.Stacey,daughters fiancee ,has as well been laid off from shut down job.Getting tough but here in the south we are kinda accustomed to things not being simple but a way out always comes if we continue to pray.

So on a saturday morning all along what am i doing?You see Fox news ,blogging,twittering,and doing some giveaways! ;)
Readers if you have not been doing these ,there is still time to begin and maybe get some help with the holidays from them.The key is extra entries in most all of them and pray over them!Yes ask God to bless the works of your hands!We are typing in those entries are we not?If it saves us some money is that not a work?Ok then!

have a great day readers,thanks for coming by and good luck!

Betty R~Starting Again

first off let's head over to nurse mommy(you can click to enter this here!) right now she has the Seventh.Ink for stylish shirts! 5 Winners! This would be a super cool giveaway to win! My fav on the shirts is
Guitar Quadruple Threat,is this not just too cool!Must you must remember i am partial to guitars,being i have 3 musicians in my family,2 being in bands! So make sure you head over and enter and check out all their clothing line!!!! this giveaway ends 11/26

thenursemommy progresso prize pack!win it
twoofakindworkingonafullhouse win a walk in kitchen!
hereandthere Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian DVD Giveaway-ends11/19/09

hereandthere-win Get Healthy gift pack

hereandthere-One winner will receive Karite Shampoo and Conditioner from nuNAAT.

hereandthere-win 2 gallon tin of popcorn!
mommysquiettime-win a 25.oo gc to tjmaxx
“TJ Maxx $25 Gift Card Giveaway over on Mommy’s Quiet Time. Check out the great deals and loads of photos! One person will win a $25 TJ Maxx gift card to use however they want. Whether on Fall fashions, holiday decorations, Christmas gifts or just to buy something nice.”

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Giveaway on Mommy’s Quiet Time. Todays hot, new, fun toy for kids. Zhu Zhu Pets offer five hamsters to choose from and loads of accessories to buy for your child this holiday season.”

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