Thursday, November 5, 2009

problems,moon shots n blogger giveaways

Evening all!Hope your week is going well.No mishaps today that i know of so that in its self is a blessing! lol.Well one i guess.My sister is having a problem with her son and x daughter in law..Well they were not married but that's what she calls her.They have a 16 month old baby boy.The other day when J went to pick him up(daddy) he smelled weed...When ask about it ,Shelby acknowledged and said her brother had smoked a joint in the edge of woods behind house! read right.She was honest anyway i guess.Any how,my sister called me asking how she should go about getting temp. custody on the baby till they could both straighten up and prioritize their lives.I told her what she would need to do and what it would cost.She called back a little while ago and said Shelby might just let her keep him as long as she could see him when she wanted...soooooooooooooo AS THE WORLD TURNS.... I don't know how that will work out but i am sure they will do the best for the baby.This is my sister's only grandchild from her only son.He is only 18 now and Shelly is also.
Anyway.........There is so much of this going on now where grandparents are having to be the parents,I had to do this for 3 years but thank God ,my daughter has put her kids first and been clean now 2 years..THANK GOD!Sometimes when you loose everything you do come around and fix it.It becomes first.I pray this works out the same....
OK....Christmas is not far off,,,have you entered some of these great giveaways going on???If not WHY?????? some of these prizes would make super presents!Keep it in mind and get entered.Here are some i am entering tonight!OH!!!!Last night i got the telescope and was looking at the moon,here is a pic i took with the camera.i thought it turned out kinda neat!

have a blessed night!
bettyr~starting again

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