Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alas no meteor shower~giveaway postings!

I was really looking forward to watching the meteor shower last night,but alas! no!The clouds started rolling in about midnight and with that taking any oppurtunity to see the meteors.In came the rain about 4 am this morning and slowly lasted till daylight.So i hope you were able to witness them and hope you saw one for me.lol..

Hubby's watching some kind of crazy movie on tv so instead of watching i am blog hoppin and that means ,new giveaway post!If you are a little (or a lot)short on cash for the holidays,try entering some of these giveaways and don't forget to do the extra entries!

have a great day!!!

betty r~starting again



suburbansavingmama-ENTER HERE IN IT: Green as Wee Grow has offered one lucky reader their own onesie or t-shirt of choice.ends today!
greenasweegrow-thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

Giveaway EventS


suburbansavingmama win a mommy necklace these are so pretty!get entered and check out
all the mommynecklaces the sponsor has here giveaway ends nov 24th
i have to add a pic here of my chpice because these are just so beautiful!

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