Friday, September 4, 2009

Grandparents day~The robins are comin and Giveaways

Good evening all,
Don't forget to enter my giveaway while you are here,,Win a Kitchen set of E Cloths-17.00 value .I had a great time at my oldest grandson Billy's school today,we had grandparent's day.I am sure there were at least 6oo attending.It was great to see all the support and you must remember we live in a small town.We do although firmly believe in education and know we have a need to support the children.It was wonderful!
Afterwards we went over and picked up our other grandson Kolby from his preschool.I am so proud of both my boys.Kolby is learning the alphabet and up to the letter H and can count to 11.For my Kolbster that is a milestone,lol.
I will go pick up Charlie Mae tomorrow for the day and night.Her and her mom Julie will be flying out to Arizona next Saturday to visit with her folks for a couple months.I will miss them but she trys to go yearly for a couple months at a time.It is great for her and the family.Keep them in your thoughts and prayers for a safe trip please.
I saw a flock of robins flying in day before yesterday morning while sipping my coffee out on the steps.It is way early for them with the exceptions of an early winter.I also have saw 2 beds of goldenrod's blooming.Sign of an early cold winter.My hubby would love for that to be .He is from Michigan and that is the one thing he misses most is the snow.I think he is the only person in south alabama that owns 2 pairs of ski's,suits,boots,the works!Lol...When it does snow again we will have a blast.
There are so many giveaways going on now for you to enter ,make sure you check them out.A lot of these items up for grabs will make very nice christmas presents!That will help you out know..Does me! ;)Links are at bottom!If you have a giveaway not listed,please feel free to leave link and info in a comment...

Have a wonderful night and weekend,enter my giveaway before you leave and hey,leave me a comment.I love reading them...

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Faith Imagined said...

I miss the snow sometimes too! The only time it gets below 90 degrees here during the winter is when we have a cold front! Thanks for the Grandparents Day reminder! I need to send out some cards!!!