Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hurricanes and politics

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Just got back from spending a few days at my daughter and grandkids home.It was fun yet very tiring.Helped her with the kids while she is planning and preparing for a yard sale this weekend.Yesterday afternoon i went over and got the 4th grandchild and had them all..My back ached last dreaded laying down in bed last night it hurt so bad,no joke there.I do enjoy them so very much but all together it can get rough.
I am watching fox news,only channell of news i like to watch,because there is no media BIAS!They are interviewing the death dr,Jack Kervorkian,. now and it is a kinda strange intereview i must say.But you know he served 10 years prision for helping kill people,assisted suicide,but our government wants to help with that now.Kind of strange there don't you think.If he was guilty ,hhhmmmm...think about that.
The hurricane's are spinning out there,good news is the one in mexico is spinning down and the one in the atlantic,well they just have no idea..That one i am watching.Here in south alabama this time of year it pays top watch very carefully!
I still see such a panic with the swine flu and folks...Speaking from experiance..It is not even as bad as the regular flu!My entire family has had it.The worse part is chest congestion!Please stop panicing!It is not valid on this....Not unless something far worse happens.2 weeks ago it started with us and now about gone through us all.From 14/15 month old kids (3 of them) right on up to 78 year old..
The government for SOME REason and the media is blowing this all out of porpotion...WATCH THE CONGRESS AND THE HILL...
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Betty R

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