Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little white church on the hill

I had such a great time at church today!It was so reviving.The songs were beautiful,piano playing ..ahhh..another Sunday in the south at the little white church on the hill! ;)
We have a small church that is 150 years old this year.Not a lot of people attend,usually 20-25,praying for growth,But the spirit is alive here.I teach the Sunday school class for small one's and usually i have 3 or 4 kids.Today just Kolby was there but we had a good time and he learned a scripture in Timothy.He is getting to be such a big little 4 year old.Also my grandson!
Is not God awesome? What would i do without his love and my hope for the future.I can understand how people could commit suicide ,if i had no hope for eternity this world would be a bleak place at times.I am sorry for people who do not know my Jesus.People say how come Jesus is the only way.Well he is the only one who has ever died and rose again.If all the Gods ,saviors ,which ever,were not in the grave..well maybe....BUT...there is no other and the bible,new testament,says there is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ.The old testament told of him years before.It should not have been a surprise then but it was and still is.Even with proof all around ,people would still rather look elsewhere for answers because then they do not have to admit wrong and that they can not help themselves.Jesus has to do it when we ask him to help us and come into our lives.
Sometimes i see people that think they want to try Jesus and ask him and then when their lives don't all of a sudden change or they ''feel something new'' all at once ,they just walk away,Yes sometimes there is an immediate change,but not usually.It is a slow process,but you have the knowing now that when u fail you are forgiven and that if you died tonight you'd be Heaven bound...Not the great unknown..HELL...
A lot of people think other things happen,maybe reincarnation or others.But that is not true.Most will not listen to that and they will find out all too late they were wrong.Then there is no help for them.I tell my kids and grand kids a lot to always let Jesus know they love him and always be ready to go at any given time when Jesus returns.I have told them if i go first i will be waiting for them...Heaven and being with God,Jesus and Holy Spirit is not something any of us want to miss!I want to spend it with my family as well.So make sure you tell them babies about Jesus.Give them the chance at eternity...
I only wish i had understood Gods love and grace earlier.I always thought i had to ''fix'' myself first and then i could get saved.So for 30 years i was a mess,trying to do better and steady getting worse and deeper in the gutter of human waste.Yes we are all human waste on our own.That is why we are in such a mess as a whole,even the earth.That is why we have kids killing parents and vice verse.Why we have kids shooting up the schools and homes.This is why we can not go to bed at night and not lock our doors in fear.This is why people are afraid to help each other.Think about it.If we followed the 10 commandments that God gave us,There would be none of that!Just think about that for a minute.Families would be happy.No thieves,no killing,no lies,no! BUT....we as a whole do not want to admit there is a God there that made all of us and this world and that without him we will never be a success.We have to admit we NEED HIM! Human beings do not like that .We like to think we are in control,that we are our own Gods.WE CAN DO ANYTHING!
And we can not.We spend millions of dollars trying to prove we came from an ape which came from an atom exploding into something else that caused something else then BANG!
Sorry i don't buy into this mumbo jumbo.It is hard for me sometimes to believe smart people believe this.WHY?that is easier and makes us feel better about ourselves.We don't have to answer to anyone.It is not our faults things are a mess,we can steal.lie,kill babies and not worry about it.

Deep down all of us hunger for something.That is why we feel so empty and alone.Across the globe we are a religious people..Think about that..There are different religions and people are looking for it to fill that vacuum.We are separated from him due to sin.we feel that!That is the hole inside,a lot of us never figure that out.Jesus is the only ''GOD MAN'',he took our penalty ,the wrap,and pardoned it!wiped it out..It is called grace!We are saved through our faith in this,Believing it.There is no other religion like this.Works can not get it.Only Grace gives us this.We can not earn it,buy it,wish for it.We have only to ask God for it,believeing in Jesus.Jesus is the only way because he is the only one who could do it.The only one who could do it once and for all.No other religious leader claimed to be the only way.Think about that.Even they knew they had no power!We have been the ones to elevate them.

I myself would rather admit i need God and look for him,to search out his desires for us,his hope for us and his love for us....He loved us so much he gave up his own SON!!!!For us a bunch of people who will not even accept him...HE LOVED US THIS MUCH!!!!

Have a blessed day and God bless,
Betty R~Starting Again

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