Monday, September 21, 2009

Grandson's testimony and mine.What are you waiting for Church?

Good afternoon friends,
I am so happy to feel better today.I had an awful night last night.My temp actually dropped to 95 degrees!I checked this 2 times to be sure.If you have never had that happen ,let me tell you,your body and mind feel terrible!I was dizzy,exhausted,sleepy,fighting not to lay down because for a while i was scared to go to sleep here alone!It was frightening.Then to top that off i got sick on my stomach with terrible heartburn...
Then i find myself outside about to throw up ,which i so hate to do because it takes my breath away,asthma.I literally at that point start praying to God and and taking a faith stand against the sickness.IT IMMEDIATELY WENT AWAY!!thank you God ,ALL GLORY TO YOU!!!!within 10 seconds i was thanking God....The nausea stopped immediately people and a lot of the weakness and dizziness.Within 20 minutes i was laying down and ready for sleep!God is amazing and it is such a gift that he left us his word,the living bible,so that we would know what to do and what to ask for.You may not get the answer you need when u think u need it,But he is in control....
My grandsons prayer life inspired me all over again Saturday.His fish,yes his fish,was dieing.It was already floating and he and kolby were upset by that.With no spoken words billy (age 7) set down in front of the aquarium ,put his hands under his cheek,lowered his head and was silently praying.Kolby (age 4)saw it and fell in right behind him.What words they said,i do not know,only the lord knows....BUT...i do know that their fish is swimming like nothing ever happened to him today!GLORY!!!!
He told his story at church Sunday as a testimony..YES...even fish matter to God,how much more you do!If the simple prayer of a child works to reach God,why not think yours and ours do????I don't mean just tossing words or demands out there ,i mean prayer from the heart with a trust that he is hearing!He is listening dear friend,,He is...Only you and i can limit God.Believe in Jesus and lift up your hearts and hands to God..You will be amazed at what will be unleashed...Come on Church..What are you waiting for?JESUS IS THE ANSWER!


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Eli's Lids said...

Amen sister!! My husband was feeling sick this weekend and the first thing my son wanted to do was pray for him. It was awesome.