Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remembering the heroes and ramblin's

Evening all..
A new giveaway begins next week so make sure you look for that as well as several upcoming reviews.I am looking forward to them.How is the weather where you are?As for us here in the south,cooler temps and nice slow rainfall.I love it.Rita came and got little Summer earlier today and now just me and my 4 year old kolby .We laid the living room carpet today.Yea ,Yuk! But i am so glad to have it down.Living here next to a dirt road it is so hard not to track in dirt and also the dust from the clay road is awful,even with windows down.I love to leave them up as much as i can.Cleans out the home as well as saves on energy bills.Just no reason wasting on the air conditioner when i can get out of it.I also enjoy hanging out my clothes to dry,Just with such hard water it sucks cleaning them.I would love to find a product for hard water that really works and does not cost an arm and a leg to get.I just will not waste money without knowing it will work.That is the main reason i enjoy reviews.You can get an honest opinion on a product and know it work's without wasting hard earned money to find out it is a waste!
Kolby is busy under the table with a pretend truck ramp.He is all boy,and with a vivid imagination.He is enjoying pre school i am glad to report,and is up to the letter H.Grandparents day was friday and we had such fun with a FULL LUNCH SERVED!That was surprizing.
I was able to catch several of the shows yesterday on the history channell on 9-11.So many heroes that day,some well known ,some i discovered yesterday.The pictures i saw as well were amazing.I have to say i think the very best i watched was inside 9-11.They had great footage,actual phone calls,pics and video,not reinactments.I hope you were able to catch some of them and take time to remember the men ,women and children whom died that day as well as the choices that were made in defending us afterwards.YES THANK YOU GEORGE BUSH!!
I do not fully agree with everything that has happened in the war since this happened but i do know that something had to be done to insure our safety and freedom.Just be glad you did not have to make that decision!!!!!!
Have a great evening guys,

Betty R~Beginning again

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Momstart said...

Thanks for following my blog and the nice comment. Kolby sounds just like my son, he is all boy too. Anything that rolls is his toy and he's fearless. Congrats on the carpet installation too. That's a lot of work.