Wednesday, December 23, 2009

last minute giveaways around the blog

Are you ready for Christmas? We are and now i am just resting as much as possible .I have been sick for 2 days now and just don't really feel like doing much of anything but sitting here doing what I'm doing! Lol..I do have laundry going but i hang out most of my clothes and the overcast sky today is not helping much.It is damp and dreary in the house,maybe it is just me,and i am just lounging on a ''pallet'' in the living room.The next few days will be hectic so i do hope i am feeling better soon.Today is better than yesterday,i think i may have the flu along with a head cold,,,yuk,,all i can say and please lord heal this...
There are some great Pre Christmas giveaways i am finding so i thought I'd share...
Hope you have a great Christmas and happy birthday Jesus,,,OH! I have started my new blog with Christianity at the core..i hope you like it and if you'd like follow me and I'll follow you back!

Jesus is the peace-my new blog!
remember my giveaway starts in Jan!

Merry Christmas!
Betty Rood
daddyforever-HP TouchSmart 600 Computer Giveaway-hurry over!ends soon


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