Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa knocked the power off for 2 hours christmas morning!

Hello everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! We had a really good time and we were blessed in more ways than one.i think my brother said it best when he said there was no reason for the adults to exchange presents we had been given the best present here this year we could have from God.Our whole family as here with the exception of my daughter in law Julie and granddaughter Charlie Mae,they are in Arizona this Christmas with her family.All us siblings and their kids and grands were there with our mom.That was the best we could have had.In this day and time that is a hard thing to come by that we have not been taken away from each other by death or any other thing.It is a blessing indeed and i thank you Lord!
We were at Rita's Christmas morning when kids awoke for presents and Santa flew too ow when he left and knocked out all the power for 4 city blocks in town for 2 hours!So we opened presents by the light coming out of the windows Rudolph was not watching close enough when they flew into the sky from billy kolby and summers house...That story i bet they remember for years,,
The kids were blessed with plenty of gifts and smiles were abound!I do love the spirit of Christmas.We then traveled to my mom's house where we all met and had a bountiful feast of everything we could have wanted..God did bless it once again and the weather was pretty nice too.
I do miss my daughter Julie and baby charlie Mae but they return in Jan. and we shall have their Christmas then...Darrell misses them so and it was sad for him Christmas,i can just imagine....but it is wonderful that they can spend time with Julies dad,sister's and friends there.Merry Christmas Arizona!

Have a great week my online friends..And i can't end this post without saying thank you to all the blogs and sponsor's that helped make our Christmas brighter.i was blessed with several winnings the past couple of months and i am planning a post in the next couple days introducing to these wonderful blogs that i have won giveaways from.THANK YOU ,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!!!

~~God bless us all and forgive us
Betty R~Starting Again

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