Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Want to win some lilies for 2010? get ready!

Come on in!
I am going to begin 2010 on my blog by giving away a living gift.LILIES for your flower bed this spring.These are licoris radica bulbs,aka red spider lilies.They are easy to grow and beautiful to look at!These bulbs have 2 seasons.In fall they are a green leafy plant,in spring summer they will shoot up into the air about a foot and explode into a beautiful unusual lily.They come back year after year and they do grow new baby bulbs but not quickly.These will not take over easily,and easily contained within a bed.Any other questions feel free to ask or just do a quick google search on lycoris radica...
contest will begin new years day!Any comments to this post will gain you an additional 5 entries!Must be commented on before new years day!and don't forget followers get an extra 2 entries as well!I will be giving away 7 bulbs that should bloom in 2010.depending on how this giveaway goes,i may be adding more ''live plant'' giveaways.

have a great day and don't forget to leave a comment!

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