Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taking pictures and don't drink and drive!Happy New Years Eve

Happy New Year's eve everyone!Hope your day is starting well.The little one's are asleep still and i have a few minutes to blog hop.What are your plan's tonight?Mine are family and the kids and maybe the neighbors will be popping fireworks tonight,if rain allows.We live in the country so we can legally still do this. ;)I don't drink (alcohol) thank God,have not in 8 years now.Found it was more fun to find enjoying life on my own,not alcohol induced!Grand kids deserved more out of me than will have to get camera batteries charged up,i do enjoy taking pictures,capturing memories on print.Pictures are important to me.About 14 years ago now our home burnt down,lost EVERYTHING but the clothes we had on and our lives of course..thank God..The only thing i truly missed was my pictures and my son's musical equipment that he had gotten from his grandfather.These things were irreplaceable!I enjoy capturing the kids laughter,their smiles,milestones,all these are treasured moments.I have photographed,weddings,parties,shows,concerts,and more...None if these compare to the smiles of the kids...

anyway..I have found a couple neat contest to enter and of course i shall share!Have a wonderful day all and above all.....BE SAFE!don't DRINK AND DRIVE(OR DRUGS)...

Betty r~Starting Again

middayescapades-charm factory giveaway!

shopannies-win 25.00 to eco store!

sweeps4bloggers=Giveaway – Teddy Delivery – Bear, Chocolate, Sterling Necklace – Ends 1/9/10

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