Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This saddens me

hello EVERYONE,thanks for coming by.

I have a lot on mind right now,things i want to accomplish in the coming year.I am not one for new years resolutions,i don't really think i have ever thought on it before honestly.But this year is different.Maybe because i am getting older ,47 now,maybe just because i am unhappy at the affairs of our nation and it's leaders,just things i see around me happen in general.
I am saddened by the turning away from God ,Jesus and the Holy Spirit that people and our nation have done.We stand in awe at all the bad things happening and at how people have become so cruel.Well that's easy,you take good out and bad moves in! and move in it has.I am disappointed in what the president and congress have done,i am saddened that our president is leading people and nations for a one world government and America stands by thinking it is not going to happen.
I am hopeful when i see the smiles on the grand kids and other children and then a part of me cries for so many that does not have arms to hold them when they are afraid,or someone who cares when they hurt.I am saddened by so many parents/caregivers that are abusing and neglecting their babies.
I am hurt deeply by what drugs and alcohol are doing to our families as well as the user.I have always thought i was born in the wrong era..1880 looks better and better than with the exception of being with my family and seeing the prophecy of the bible coming to happen!Just amazes me so many people are blind to it.

I want to be a better mom,grandma,daughter,sister,aunt,cousin,friend ,but mostly i want to draw closer to God.When i do that i will become all the other i want to be.

Have a wonderful day...

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Anonymous said...

Hi-ya i am new to this. I came upon this board I have found It extremely accommodating and it has helped me out alot. I should be able to give something back & assist other people like it has helped me.

Cheers, Catch You Around