Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School Gadget's and Accessories

Well it is back to school time and there are a lot of new gadget's out there.A lot of school's do not allow taking them into school room's but still the kid's think they must have them!I have also added backpacks and lunch bags..yes,,needed several of these .lol. Here are just a few i have been looking at...thought i'd share..

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Head back to school with a new phone from Firefly Mobile. It's the first cell phone for kids and it's packed with lights, sounds, animations and fun. The Firefly has just five keys, including the numbers of the 'rents on speed dial, an easy-to-use phone book list and an emergency 911 button. Parents can also ensure that the phone will receive calls only from a select set of numbers. The Firefly also comes with 12 ring tones, five animations and can be used in English or Spanish. For more info, head to http://www.fireflymobile.com/


Tamigotchi MiniHead back to school with the new Tamigotchi Mini wearable tech toy. The Tamigotchi Mini is part gadget, part fashion accessory and part best friend. This smaller version of the Tamigotchi virtual pet comes in several funky designs and can be easily attached to cell phones, key chains, backpack or even clothing. For more info, head to http://www.www.tamigotchi.com/


http://www.herobags.com/ I recommend looking here for your bag and tote needs! These are all made right here in the USA and eco friendly!And right now the lunch bags are 15 % off!These are so cute,you'll love they are made here at home and the kid's will love them just because they are cool!!!!Pick up a few this year...


http://www.ecogear-products.com/panda/bg2551p.html These are a must have! Perfect for the little one's on their way to school.

This sassy backpack can double as an everyday school bag and traveling companion. It’s washable, wearable and a conversation piece for eco-conscious kids.
• organic cotton
• non-toxic dyes
• sustainable wood components
• adjustable shoulder straps
flamingo, grass, azure, and natural
14 in. x 10 in. x 5 in.

These adorable organic cotton bags are made with non-toxic dyes, sustainable and organically-grown accessories and feature zippered internal organizers, dual side pockets and adjustable shoulder straps. As with all of the other Ecogear collections, the kids series is made using planet-friendly practices, and is just another way that Ecogear is helping to save the planet one bag at a time.

They have several colors available as well as the gorilla bag in a different style!The kid's are gong to love these!

Mom and dad,grandparents.while your there check out the available styles and bage they have for the rest of us!

The Genus series is a line of rugged, yet sleek and stylish backpacks and messenger bags made from Ecoweave, Ecogear’s patented PVC-free, harm-free coating. These backpacks are conventional in style, yet hip and fun for all activities. Some also feature laptop carriers to make life on the road easy.I just had to add this one and right now it is on sale for 19.99,down from 79.99!

This one has my billy's name all over it!This backpack comes in 5 colors and they are all cool...Head on over and take a look,bet you'll buy something while there!
They accept major credit cards as well as PayPal...Where else can you find a cooler bag,and eco friendly ,for under 20.00 bucks?????Now go shopping!!!


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