Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday's blessing -Giveaway

Good evening visitors.Thanks for stopping by.
I have a giveaway going on until sept.10th so make sure you enter for the E CLOTH kitchen towel set! These are is on right side of blog!

It has been a bit difficult to get my new blog going but it will happen,determination is the key.One step at a time,just like anything else in this life we have. I hope you have had a good weekend.The boys were with me since Friday,i took them home after lunch Today.When school is out they are night i took them riding on the Mule (otr vehicle) and we watched some 4 wheelers down the road doing stunts.The boy's loved it.I have to admit it was exciting and some friends were there as well so that was nice. Grandchildren are just that..Grand.. My grandfather Norris used to have a bumper sticker on his truck back in the 70's that read''Let me tell you about my grand kids''.I need one of those! Up until school started we mostly raised our youngest grandson Kolby.This is home to him and always will be. At mid life,47,life is not quite what i planned it to be,but it is interesting.The 4 grands keep me on my toes and keep me running.I had my first child at 17 ,i kinda grew up with my kid's i guess you'd say.Before mine were grown i remarried and have raised my husband's son who has now turned 17 and the grand kids started coming 7 years ago.So....I guess children have been a part of all my adult life.It is amazing what you can accomplish and overcome with God's help.But that topic is a blog all by it's self... Just saw a young girl on TV whose paintings are awesome!I am going to google and find out more about her.
have a great day and remember to enter my contest,link is on right side on top of sidebar and thanks for stopping in!
Betty R

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