Monday, August 17, 2009

Swine Flu and Hydrogen Peroxide

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As stated earlier we found out that there was a child that was diagnosed with swine flu at my grandson Kolby's preschool on friday.Today 3 of the 4 grandchildren are sick and will be tested tomorrow if they are not better.I have been doing a lot of research on natural meds for i am concerned about this and concerned as nmuch over the so called vaccination that has a high chance of making you even sicker or killing you.So with that....Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best things i believe we can use and have now started with all of us.Will keep you updated.The kids are 1,4 and 7 years old.I as well will be using it daily...Take a few minutes and read about very well may be something you want to consider beginning and doing more research on..Good luck,God bless.Please keep my family in your prayers..


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