Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just another sunday in the south and swine flu update

Happy Sunday Lord's day everyone!
I do hope you have enjoyed your weekend wheather chasing kids at home,relaxing,a movie,theatre..what ever..i hope you laughed..
I have had the boys since Thursday and Summer came yesterday.Updating a little on our ''flu''.
Still about the same,i can't really tell any one is sick. ;0 Either billy was disdiagnosed and no one else got it, or prayer stopped it all or this flu thing is the weakest thing i personally have ever seen!I know some folks have died from this so i mean no disrespect. From all the media hype and gov. warnings me as well as most everyone, was expecting somethingFAR WORSE than i have seen.I have in the family,me of course,a 14 month old,15 month old,4 year old and 7 year old and hubby.Then theres rita,27,darrell 29 ,and julie 25....The worse we have saw is kolby threw up one night 3 times,diaharea on a few,nausea a few times,low grade fever and just a sicky look sometimes and my throat is sore somewhat...uuuuuuummmmm..This started last saturday and sunday...
I see this as a lesser thing than the regular flu.A lot of people each year die from that and the flus i have had in the past kick this one's but!!!!! I think tamiflu and drugs like it are making a killing ,for nothing really,and government keeps our minds off other things like,health reform,cap and trade bills ,white house emails and the out guys! it is a cover up...just my point of view...
anyway i hope you have a great day and i'll be back later to visit some of you...

Have a blessed day,
Betty R

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