Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to clean cd's,dvd's and game disc

Morning readers,
If you are like me and my household,you have hundreds of cd's & dvd's not to mention the playstation disc all around.I as well burn copies of my pictures on disc.Then that awful time comes when you are half way through a movie and get an error or the movie just stops on still frame.You put your music in and it just hop's and skip's through the song,or go to play a game and it does not even acknowledge....

What to do????? You can do a google search and come up with all kind's of idea's,but here are a few i can tell you work ,or have worked for us....Remember which ever method you use,they are not fool proof.Some will work on one and another on another,But if your disc is ruined...well you really have nothing to loose and may get it workable again.Let me know what work's for you..

Brasso ==really i imagine any metal cleaner will do.use this to clean them just be gentle,also works on some hard plastics,like glasses.

Toothpaste==This has worked on several occasions but not as well as other's

Boiling == Boil the water and take off heat. Drop the dvd/cd in for 10 seconds. take it out on the sides being very careful. Touch it over with a cloth to get water off and set aside and let it dry for several hours.Boiling them does NOT remove the scratches or fix problems with that, but it fixes a different cause which is mainly for new discs

Pledge ==or another brand of furniture polish-This does work well ,expecially on smaller scratches

Hair Gel == fills the scratch and restores the refractive qualities to the track,it enables you to copy the disk. If you have a very deep scratch on your disk, this is the way to go as an abrasive may damage the disk even further.

Meguiar's plastic cleaner and plastic polish-This i have not tried but people say this work's wonders and restores sometimes to 100% !This is rather pricey.

Just some idea's for you snd i hope they also work for you...

have a Blessed day!

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