Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swine flu a big hype=watch the congress

Morning all.
First up ..update on my grandkids and the swine flu.Billy(7) and kolby(4) have returned to school,Charlize mae(15 mos) and summer(14 mos) could not ever tell anything was wrong and riley james(nephew 14 mos) is better now.He had the roughest of the 5.Lot of congestion,irritable,fever for 2 days.But now he is like his old little self..
So i stick to what i said about the swine flu.....
I can say this..someone somewhere decided this is a good way to scare folks and take their mind's off other things going on.So the first thing that comes to mind is politics.The next thing is,,,,HEALTH REFORM AND CAP AND TRADE!
Do not be fooled people.Prepare for this flu just like any other.Dissinfect your homes,lysol and bleach.Get you some alcohol based wipes,or make your is simple!Drink plenty of water and juices and they say viamin d is a good immune booster for the flu season.Rinsing ears out with hydrogen peroxide also helps,prevents it from coming into your body sometimes.
And about tamiflu...It is 57.00 in the drug store.I saw NO difference in the kids that took it and the ones that did not.So use it as you think.For the one's who have got seriously ill or died from complicaions of the flu i am so sorry.I truely am.
But to all the families that are freaking out on this,please stop it..People are stocking up on freeze dried food,can goods,vitamins,water,mask etc.This is fine if you have the extra money,because you never know when a real emergency will come..But to do this because of the flu is downright stupid!Yes i said stupid..5 kids under the age of 7 have went through it along with us adults..So yes i have an opinion on this.Before it happened i also was freaked and worried about it...But...It is un due worry people.I can not stress that enough..A cold was worse than this..I promise you that!!!!!!I am not the only person who feels this way.Google it!Companies are making a lot of money off our fears and a lot of bills are going to pass in congress if we do not pay attention!!!!

I pray everyone goes through this ok.

betty r

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